#TBT -Favorite Albums of 2010

Since I did my favorites from 2009 last week, I thought I would continue that this week for Throwback Thursday. These are my favorite albums from 2010 (in no particular order)

 Paper Tongues – Paper Tongues:  What an impressive debut album.   They are from Charlotte, NC which I was unaware of until recently.  They haven’t put out a full length album since this one.  I need to see if they are still together and maybe playing around town. Some standout songs are “Trinity”, “Ride to California” and “Get Higher”.  Just great songs, great music and a positive message.  Rock needs more bands like this!!

Filter – The Trouble With Angels:  WOW!!!  This album blew me away.  Rocked out from beginning to end.  This is one band from the 90’s that gets better and better with every album.  I didn’t think that was possible nowadays.  Love the song “No Love”.  This could be my #1 album of the year!  Other highlights include “The Inevitable Relapse” and “Absentee Father”.

Hellyeah! – Stampede:  Their sophomore album and it rocks out just like the first one.  This band is a little on the harder side and I love it.  I turn it on in the car and hope I can keep from crashing into others. This is a great album for Road Rage issues (which I seem to have a lot of that). Highlights include “Cowboy Way”, “Hell of a Time”, “Pole Rider” and “Better Man”.

Lifehouse – Smoke & Mirrors:  Another outstanding album from these guys. This was their fifth release and the album contains one of my two favorite songs of 2010 – “Wrecking Ball”.  The album is classic Lifehouse and they don’t serve up anything new, but they don’t need to give us anything new.  I love them for being Lifehouse.  Other Highlights include “Halfway Gone”, “All In” and “It is What It Is”.

 The Zac Brown Band – You Get What You Give:  This is one of the few bands in country I enjoy.  It is fun and good times all the way.  County to be should have an edge or just be fun (and good). I really loved the duet with Jimmy Buffett “Knee Deep”.  How could you not love anything Buffett. Other highlights include “Let it Go” and “As She’s Walking Away (feat. Alan Jackson”.

Sanctus Real – Pieces of A Real Heart:  This is one of favorite Christian Bands.  They always put out great songs that make you feel good.  And we all need that from time to time. My other favorite song of 2010 was on this album – “Lead Me”.   A couple of my other favorites off the album are “These Things Take Time”, “Takeover Me”, “‘Til I Got To Know You” and “Forgiven”.

Tobymac – Tonight:  Another Christian Act that I just love.  His albums all have awesome beats and puts me in a great mood.  His hip hop sound always makes me feel like dancing…and that is not a pretty sight!  You don’t want to see it.  His fellow DC Talk alum is next on this list.  Highlights include “Funky Jesus Music”, “Hey Devil” and “Tonight”.

Newsboys – Born Again:  I guess I will keep with the Christian theme. This an old band with a brand new singer…former Tobymac bandmate Michael Tait.  He has brought new life to an already incredible band. Anything Michael Tait does is gold in my book.  He sounds like Nat King Cole but sings rock with a message.  Highlights include “Born Again, “When the Boys Light Up”, “Save Your Life” and “One Shot”.

Anberlin – Dark is the Way, Light is a Place:  They consistently deliver superb album.  Just an all around great rock album (with positive messages).  They are classified as both Alternative Rock and Christian music.  Too bad they are no longer together.  This was their 5th album and they released 2 more before calling it quits.  Highlights include “Impossible”, “Closer”, “Take Me As (You Found Me)” and “To the Wolves”.

The Afters – Light Up the Sky:  Okay, I know what you are thinking.  Another Christian band.  Well, Christian artists put out the best albums this year for me.  The Afters have a straight up Pop Rock sound and I couldn’t stop playing it and singing it.  My favorites off this album were many and included “Light up the Sky”, “Start Over”, “Life is Sweeter” and “Lift Me Up”.

Honorable Mentions:

Lady Antebellum - Need You Now (Need you now was one of the best songs of the year).  Lady Antebellum – Need You Now:  Need you now was one of the best songs of the year and I actually enjoyed most of the album.  

Wig Wam - Non Stop Rock And Roll (Nothing like a little Glam Rock to get you going)  Wig Wam – Non Stop Rock And Roll: Nothing like a little Glam Rock to get you going.  Too bad they are no longer together.  They were a lot of fun.

Ratt - Infestation (YES!! You are reading that right...Ratt!  Great come back album - however Stephen Percy has left the band again!)  Ratt – Infestation: YES!! You are reading that right…Ratt! Great come back album – however Stephen Percy has left the band yet again!

Alter Bridge - ABIII (Basically Creed without Scott Stapp - Rockin' Album)  Alter Bridge – ABIII: Another great album from the former band that was once Creed (of course without Scott Stapp)  If you liked the first two than you will love this one.

Stereoside - Stereoside (Plain old rock album - Love "Trailer Park Scum")  Stereoside – Stereoside: A straight up rock album – Love “Trailer Park Scum”.

Joe Satriani - Black Swans and Wormhold Wizrds (Does he ever put out a bad album??  I think not)  Joe Satriani – Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards: I don’t think Mr. Satriani knows how to make a bad album.  I love the song “Wormhole Wizards”

Black Rebel Motorcyle Club - Beat the Devil's Tattoo (Great sound - great band name)  Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Beat the Devil’s Tattoo:   I love the sound of this band and I find the singer to have an interesting voice.  The title track is my favorite on the album.

Darius Rucker - Charleston, SC 1966 (Who doesn't love Hootie)  Darius Rucker – Charleston, SC 1966: Hootie doing county.  What is there not to love.  Actually, I do enjoy his voice and it does blend well with country music.

Day of Fire - Losing All (Another great Christian Rock Band)  Day of Fire – Losing All:  Another great Christian Rock Band.  Listen to “Light ‘Em Up” and “We Are No One”.

Thriving Ivory - Through Yourself & Back Again ( I forgot about this one.  I haven't had it long and still need time to digest it but love it so far.  The guys voice is so unique and incredible)  Thriving Ivory – Through Yourself & Back Again: The singer’s voice is so unique and incredible.  Check out my post on the band to learn more about them – click here.


I had a few disappointments this year.  Here they are…

DISAPPOINTMENT - Brandon Flowers - Flamingo (Love him in the Killers - not so much on his own)  Brandon Flowers – Flamingo:  Love him in the Killers – not so much on this release.  I couldn’t never get into it.  For me, it wasn’t memorable.  He made up for it on his latest solo release The Desired Effect.

DISAPPOINTMENT - The Black Eyed Peas - The Beginning (Yes I like the Black Eyed Peas - but not this one)  The Black Eyed Peas – The Beginning:  Yes, I like the Black Eyed Peas – but hated this release.  I feel like they have lost their relevance and lost their way.  “The Time (Dirty Bit)” was flat out awful.  I can’t say how much I disliked this album so I will stop trying.

DISAPPOINTMENT - Bret Michaels - Custom Built (Custom crap! - Bret...please stop!!)  Bret Michaels – Custom Built:   Custom crap! – Bret…please stop!!  I feel we have been tortured enough.  How many times can you recompile the same songs and call it a different album?  I think Bret is trying to actually figure out.  Don’t waste your time or money.




3 thoughts on “#TBT -Favorite Albums of 2010

  1. Ah 2010, I was obsessed with this Lifehouse album for the longest time – definitely one of their best albums and they’ve failed to come close to matching it since. So glad to find someone who has heard of Thriving Ivory. They’ve just gotten back together and making new music I believe.

    I liked ‘Flamingo’ by Brandon Flowers but ‘The Desired Effect’ is much better.


  2. Satriani brought me here. Checked your site for Satriani reviews. Was listening to Original album classics set of Satriani.

    Found these artists here: Sanctus Real, Tobymac, Anberlin and the afters. Will check them out. Thanks again!

    Liked by 1 person

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