Friday New Releases – March 9th

Finally a Friday with an abundance of new releases.  There are so many I am interested in that this could take awhile.  I hope to get to them all sooner or later. I think there is a little something for everyone today.  The ones that are striking my fancy are highlighted in Blue.  Let me know what you are looking forward to getting or if I am missing something added to the comments.  Have a great listening weekend.

  • 51Xejf8pEwL._AC_US436_QL65_  Myles Kennedy – Year of the Tiger – (Napalm Records):  Whether with Alter Bridge, Slash or just by himself, there is no getting by the immense talent that is Myles Kennedy.  He can definitely sing, but his guitar playing is just as sensational.  Looking forward to the focus being all about him.  I have purposely not listened to anything off this album yet so I can enjoy it all at one time.

  • 61juEljtrLL._AC_US436_QL65_  Judas Priest – Firepower – (Sony Music):  Judas Priest is back with a brand new album.  Enough said…Mic drop!!!

  • 61OAkFDlBoL._SY300_QL70_  Thirdstory – Cold Heart – (Verve Label Group):  After waiting for two years, we finally get the full length album they have been promising.  My daughter and I saw them open for Tori Kelly two years ago and we bot really enjoyed their harmonies and just the power of their voices.  Three guys doing amazing things singing together.  We are going to see them again in April when they headline a little club here in Charlotte.

  • 41Tg4xMSIqL._AC_US436_QL65_  Calum Scott – Only Human – (Capitol Records):  This former Britain’s Got Talent contestant from 2015 finally gets his debut album.  After the release of his cover of “Dancing On My Own”, I was completely blown away by his vocals.  Can’t wait to enjoy this one.

  • 91D-QeKEaBL._SX522_  Three Days Grace – Outsider – (RCA Records):  I have had two heavy and two soft albums and now back to heavy with Three Days Grace. I followed them since their debut in 2003 with the song “I Hate Everything About You”.  They have given me consistently good albums and I expect nothing less from this hard rock band out of Canada.

  • 51hvL2s57GL._AC_US436_QL65_  Jimi Hendrix – Both Sides of the Sky – (Experience Hendrix LLC):  Jimi Hendrix…worth giving a listen solely for that matter.  This is the third and final in a series of unreleased tracks and surprised their have been so many and why did it take so long for them to come out.

  • 71+ROZdl3aL._SS500  The Fratellis – In Your Own Sweet Time – (Cooking Vinyl): (MOVED TO MARCH 16) And there is still one more I want to hear and that is the Fratellis.  When I heard their album Costello Music, I adored their sound and the whole vibe.  As a result, I have been absorbing all their albums and this one will be no different.

  • A1tacv-Bk2L._AC_UL320_SR320,320_  Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats – Tearing at the Seams – (Bottleneck Music)
  • the-neighbourhood-8943  The Neighbourhood – The Neighbourhood – (Columbia Records)
  • 71uNAtyyFzL._AC_UL115_  Suicidal Tendencies – Get Your Fight On! – (Suicidal Records)
  • 51ODSEkcvjL._SS500.jpg  Ministry – AmeriKKKant – (Nuclear Blast)
  • 61oWXk3LmPL._SS500  Nightwish – Decades – (Nuclear Blast Records)
  • 91QjB6kYcLL._SX522_  David Byrne – American Utopia – (Todomundo LTD)


26 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – March 9th

    1. I hope I am as productive when I am dead!!

      Yes, a lot of blue. I will stream some only, but some I will buy. I have to buy the Thirdstory one on CD as my daughter and I are seeing them in concert and she is going to get to meet them (she doesn’t know yet and she doesn’t read my blog so I am safe).

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  1. I’ve got a Myles post coming up in a few days regarding The Year Of The Tiger. That Priest album is in my sights this weekend. And this Hendrix kid has really got something. I’m toying with doing a post about posthumous Hendrix and how it’s changing our perception of his work

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              1. Great way to decompress! The opening title track is phenomenal! Everyone is falling all over the new Priest but watch out man as here comes Myles with a wicked different vibe!

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  2. That’s awesome you are taking your daughter on a meet & greet.
    Father of the year nomination from me.

    As for Three Days Grace, the former lead singer Adam Gontiet left in 2013 and My Darkest Days vocalist Matt Walst replaced him. He doesn’t quite have Adam’s range, but he’s pretty good.
    Adam’s new band is called Saint Asonia if you are intersted.
    It has former members of Staind, Finger Eleven and Newsted.


  3. Myles Kennedy, Jimi Hendrix and I’ve already heard the new Judas Priest. I can honestly say it’s the worst album I’ve ever heard.

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  4. Few there that interest me… wasn’t aware there was a Myles Kennedy album, though I’ve still to decide what to make of the guy and his various pursuits. Priest and David Byrne are on my radar, though.

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      1. I tend to get to his stuff a little after it’s released, but I’m often blown away by it. He’s rather brilliant.


  5. Being the alt-rock fan, I really like The Neighbourhood, and also Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, though their sound strays toward Americana/folk/blues. Not very familiar with Thirdstory, but I like the track you included. I really liked Three Days Grace when Adam Gontier was frontman, but still like them well enough. And will have to check out the Hendrix album.

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    1. Never got into the Neighbourhood, but Nathaniel Rateliff seems pretty interesting. I might check him out down the road. Thirdstory is pure vocal perfection. If you like ballads, love songs, harmonies and soulful
      performances, you might like it. My daughter is big on them and as a result I kind like them now too!

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