Friday New Releases – August 23rd

Happy Friday.  Welcome to the new releases and I am sorry, but there are not a lot this week.  Why?  Because no one wants to go up against Taylor Swift.  She will rule the world this week.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have something because I do and it is going to kick some major ass.  Sorry Swift, this will get played…yours won’t…except with my girls so I will hear it, but not by choice.  What I will hear is in Blue.  I hope there is something for you. Let me know what you like and if I missed anything.  Thanks and have a great weekend!

  • 81s2r82IqqL._SX522_.jpg  Crobot – Motherbrain – (Mascot Label Group):  The boys from PA are back with their fourth studio album.  If you like your hard rock with a little funk then come on over as you won’t be disappointed.  This album is going on first thing this morning on the way to work…cranked as loud as I can take it.  Each album has gotten better and I hope this one follows that trend.

  • 61bc1iAwLFL._AC_UL115_  Taylor Swift – Lover – (Taylor Swift):  Okay, I will have to listen to this and it is a really huge release so I will mention it.  My prediction is that it won’t do as well as her previous releases as I think she has reached her peak a couple album ago.  I am not saying it will be bad, I am saying we have probably heard it all before and she is rehashing old sounds.  I think the days of Swift Superiority are coming to an end especially when you have fresh voices like Billie Eilish starting to rule the airwaves.

And the rest…

  • 61ejFDUyXTL._SX522_  The Rembrandts – Via Satellite – (Blue Elan Records)
  • 81ld6qpUJuL._AC_UL115_  Sacred Reich – Awakening – (Metal Blade Records)
  • 81Hae4pPiGL._AC_UL115_  Midland – Let it Roll – (Big Machine)
  • 91QXdjTqb2L._SX522_  Vince Gill – Okie – (MCA Nashville)
  • 91Jnb832CQL._SX522_  Tanya Tucker – While I’m Livin’ – (Concord Music Group)

9 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – August 23rd

  1. At least coming up is Big Wreck next week and Alterbridge down the road in October. ​Course the box sets will be a thing to reckon with as well haha So all is not lost. But yeah smart marketing as Taylor will clean house this week,,,

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