Friday New Releases – May 1st

We are now in May, I’m still working from home and we are still on the social distancing kick…which is all a good thing until this thing gets better.  The really good news is there are a lot of releases this week…ok, not really.  A month or so ago, that would’ve been true.  There have been at least 10 that were on the list that are now moved until later in the year.  That is too bad.  As a result, I hope there is something here for you.  My choices are highlighted in Blue.  Let me know what you are looking forward to hearing or what I missed.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.  Stay Safe!!

  • 910zmOoSuSL._SX522_  Mike Tramp – Second Time Around – (Deko / Target Records):  Mike Tramp has been putting out the albums lately.  That voice sounds aged and wiser and ever since White Lion and Freak of Nature, I have followed his career so why would I not throw this on for good measure.

  • 71huLNVJSAL._SX522_  Jack Russell’s Great White – Once Bitten Acoustic Bytes – (Deadline Music / Cleopatra):  I don’t know if I am interested in this because I think it is going to be good or that I think it is going to be really bad.  Either way, I might try and sit through this.  His last album was pretty good, but it still isn’t the same as it used to be.  We will leave judgment until I hear it all.

And then here is the rest.  You country fans might be excited for some Chesney as that is probably the biggest album next to Dixie Chicks this week.

  • 91bxoF6XamL._SS500_  Kenny Chesney – Here and Now – (Blue Chair Records / Warner)
  • 8115AOC-ICL._SS500_  JoJo – Good To Know – (Warner Records)
  • 61PIO6tkUbL._SS500_  We Three – Dear Paranoia, Sincerely, Me – (Palawan Productions)
  • 81Q5Klt-NHL._SS500_  Havok – V – (Century Media)
  • 81UUBGrrNIL._SX522_  Elevation Worship – Graves into Gardens (Live) – (Elevation Worship Records)
  • 81YOsZFfflL._SX522_  Jim Brickman – Blessed – (Green Hill Productions)
  • 71Pl5N1-d-L._SS500_  Dramarama – Color TV – (Pasadena Records)

12 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – May 1st

  1. I liked Jacks voice on that GW stuff. If this was an electric releases I would buy it.
    Leppard just dropped another track from the Hits Vegas release Paper Sun which is beyond awesome! So flipping good.
    Next week Big Sugar comes out. Looking forward to that one and of course Leppard and Rush later this month!

    Things are looking up Mr Snow!

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    1. Paper Sun is an awesome track to begin with and I can’t wait to hear it live. That Vegas show is going to be the best. So many rare songs played. Super excited. My copy isn’t coming until June 2nd, so it doesn’t look like I am getting it on release day…sad face 😦

      On the release front, It isn’t looking that up for me. A lot of releases that were coming out in May aren’t coming out until Fall or end of year now. Record Store day has been moved again and now in to three different days to spread out the releases and the people I guess. Awful!!!

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      1. It sounds great,Paper Sun as I was playing it through iTunes this morning and wow it’s a fantastic version especially when they go into that Kashmir like stomp in the middle section.

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  2. I just cannot listen to anything from Jack Russell or Great White since the horrific Station Nightclub fire in 2003 in Rhode Island, where pyrotechnics their tour manager set off started a fire that killed 100 and injured 230.

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  3. I’ve been following Mike Tramp as well. I’m happy he’s still making music and releasing.
    Saw some comments about Paper Sun from Def Leppard. One of my favorite Lep tracks and so glad they put it in a live show.

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    1. That Dixie Chicks album got moved a it was on here, I forgot to remove that reference when I removed the album…oops. But yes, I am interested in that album when it arrives…whenever that will be.

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