February 2022 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

February is over so it is time for our monthly round-up of what 2 Loud 2 Old Music got their hands on this month and it was another banner month. It all started with a trip to the antique mart called Sleepy Poets. My daughter loves that place and I don’t mind because there are records and I found a couple good ones. One was the only early Stryper album I was missing and the other was one of my mother’s favorite bands Air Supply so I had to buy it. I miss her a lot so it will be something in my collection that when I am really, really missing her I can pull out and play.

Then the following week, my daughter wanted to hit more antique shops as she loves to find old vintage clothes at not a too ridiculous of a price. The first place we hit in Mathews said it was an antique place, but really it was a record store and now I have another great place to go buy albums!! Yeah me!! I found some great vinyl, CDs, singles and cassettes…they had it all. First are the albums, which are an early pressing of Mariah Carey’s debut on vinyl and a Billy Idol 12″ Single of Mony Mony.

And then the CDs and cassettes were great. I have all their albums on vinyl, so now it is time to start grabbing the CDs and so Kiss got some love…Kiss CDs can be hard to find as there are a lot of collectors in my area apparently, but they hadn’t found this store yet. And then a cassette of Ratt’s Out of the Cellar…I have on vinyl, why not cassette.

And lastly was a single for Poison’s “Nothing But a Good Time”…I love singles…

And then we went to another place that was an antique store and it really was. They had a ton of singles and all for a $1 so why not. And one is one I already have, but I have some Canadian friends that might want it so I grabbed it. Let’s see if they spot it.

Then some things started showing up in the mail. I am always on the hunt for Will Hoge CDs and I found one that I have struggled to find and under $50, but I finally did. I got it for $30 which is still a lot for an E.P., but it is rare and hard to find so I did it. It turned out to be signed as well…score!! And the other is one of his many live albums I have wanted and it is awesome!!

Then I finally received in the mail, a CD I had ordered in January that took about 3 weeks to arrive from Germany. The final CD in my Jeff Scott Soto series that I was missing. It is, let’s say, interesting.

Then we went out one more time to a place called 2nd & Charles that has a great selection of used CDs and as always, I find stuff I want at somewhat decent prices…

And then the mail gods kept on smiling. I got in a cassette of Needtobreathe’s newest album ‘Into the Mystery’. I don’t have a cassette player, but I do have the CD and the vinyl for that same album so of course I need the cassette to complete the set of having it in every format…

Then Tim Durling’s book arrived and I am in the middle of it right now and hopefully will finish soon and get a review up. It is ‘Unspooled: An Adventure in 8-Tracks’. It is awesome so far!!! And it is signed by the author!!

That wasn’t all the mail either…nope. Frontiers Records had a $5 CD sale so I had to grab a handful and I did. They all arrived this past week and I still haven’t listened to them all yet. Mainly because I am back to work in the office 2-3 days a week and that really limits my listening time.

And if that wasn’t enough, two albums I had pre-ordered last year finally have been released. Scorpions brand new one ‘Rock Believer’ and Sixx A.M.’s ‘Hits’ which was released in all other formats last year, but the vinyl had been delayed.

And that is all. I’m exhausted just writing it up. I will leave you with the traditional full loot shot and I will thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed. See you next month…

42 thoughts on “February 2022 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

  1. Never in my wildest years would I see an pic of Air Supply and Stryper records together! lol Than again it makes sense. You have all the bases covered, books cassette tapes vinyl…all formats except 8 track but you got the book so yeah all formats covered..
    Great haul Sir!

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    1. It is a strange combination for sure and throw in Mariah and my taste to go a lot of different places. I didn’t realize I had them all covered. 8-Tracks are so hard to find in the wild…ones that are Engelbert Humperdink

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  2. That’s crazy that NTB has “Into the Mystery” on cassette! Lol. Looks like they’re headed out on the road this summer with One Republic. I’ll be buying some tickets soon!
    Also, I can’t see or hear “Nothin’ But a Good Time” without thinking about the local DJ in Oklahoma City at our most popular top 40 station (KJ103) when I was a junior in high school. He thought it would be funny to play this song over and over one morning while I was listening and getting ready for school. If memory serves me right he played it either 7 or 8 times in a row before he finally stopped. It was awesome. Lol. I don’t remember if he got fired after that or they just chalked it up to another “crazy DJ moment.”

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  3. That’s a nice haul. Your buying patterns remind me of mine in a way. When I go to a used CD store, I’m buying stuff that’s all over the map – rock, metal, pop, even country and hip hop sometimes.

    I was in your shoes once. I ditched some of my CDs back in the day. Some I bought back. Some, I didn’t care for anyway.

    I love buying singles. I try to get as many B-sides as I can. I wish more bands put out B-side albums like Def Leppard did. Retro Active is frickin awesome.

    I might be the only person on earth who doesn’t like Mony Mony. Billy rocks, but I hate that song.

    I didn’t buy as much as I usually do this month. I might have to get my head examined to find out why, among other things!

    Hardcore Superstar – Dreamin in a casket, Split your lip
    Wombats – A guide to love loss and desperation
    Helix – Wild in the streets (they do a great cover of Def Leppard’s She’s too tough)
    Degreed – Are you ready
    Defiants – Zokusho
    Crazy Lixx – Forever wild, Ruff Justice, s/t

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    1. I believe Mike and Rob have both said they wanted it and I already have one. I am seeing how many I can find and then I will ship a bunch up to be dispersed to everyone. I now need 2 more.


  4. I know you ranked Bon Jovi’s ‘The Circle’ pretty low on your Bon Jovi album ranking list, but I kinda still want to get it. However, every time I see the CD in a store one day, I don’t buy it because something holds me back, but when I work up the courage to buy it, the CD isn’t there anymore! That’s a shame though because I really like that song, “Bullet.” One of their best post-2000s songs in my opinion.

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