May 2022 Purchases – Vinyl & CD’s

Another month down and therefore it is time to review the purchases made this month at 2 Loud 2 Old Music. And I think it was a pretty good haul. We bought some stuff online, we hit a local record store and we had a record show this month. And we will kick it off with the brand new album by Jeff Scott Soto which came out on May 6th. It is called ‘Complicated’ and we won’t be getting to review this one for a long time as we are only 20+ albums into the 70 album series. For now, take a peek…

Then I have some research I need to do for a friend of Jeff Scott Soto. I have a lot of homework to do on Jason Bieler of Saigon Kick (notice the three Rock Candy Editions) and his new band Jason Bieler and the Baron Von Bielski Orchestra plus others. Hmmm…now why would I be doing homework…I guess you will soon find out…

Then we have a couple albums by Aldo Nova. He released two albums in May…a 10 Song sampler for his upcoming epic rock opera ‘The Life & Times of Eddie Gage’. Then we got an album called ‘Reloaded 2.0’ which is a bunch of re-imagined classic Aldo songs.

I also found a Promo CD for Matt Nathanson’s song “Laid” from the ‘American Pie: The Wedding’ soundtrack.

If that wasn’t enough, I picked up a few vinyl as well. First up to complete my Scorpions collection (all of the Studio albums at least), I grabbed ‘In Trance’…

Then I finished my Ace Frehley Vinyl collection by getting the Frehley’s Comet album ‘Second Sighting.

Then for Record Store Day this year, there wasn’t a bunch I wanted. I actually didn’t even go, but a shop near where my daughter goes to school had what I wouldn’t mind having online to order so I did. She was kind enough to pick it up so it would save me $8 in shipping. I picked up Def Leppard’s High & Dry Picture Disc and a 7″ Single of two previously unreleased Night Ranger songs from the recording sessions for their latest album ATBPO.

My daughter and I were out shopping and we stopped by Noble Records and there wasn’t much I had to have but I did pick up Rainbow’s ‘Straight Between the Eyes’ which I have been wanting for a long time. I love Joe Lynn Turner Rainbow.

And while we we are out we stopped by Target and we grabbed Taylor Swift’s ‘Red’ album (Taylor’s version). The kids love her so why not…if it makes them happy.

Then it was off to the Record Show a little over a week ago. I found some singles including the three below…

A few vinyl records including Skid Row’s B-Side Ourselves E.P., A Queensryche “Jet City Woman” Shaped Picture Disc and a bootleg of Generation X’ Demos 1977.

I also grabbed a couple Bootleg CDs including 1 for Extreme and 1 for Queensryche. And I picked up one of the Kiss Rock the Nation 2004 World Tour Instant Live CDs and the cool thing is that it is from the show that was right here in Charlotte. I was quite pleased with that nugget.

And lastly, I picked up two Japanese Re-Issues of the first two Firehouse albums on CD and of course they have the OBI and Bonus Tracks. That is why you get Japanese Editions right!!

And that is all. Another good haul, at least for me. I was a little saddened none of Def Leppard Orders made it in for this post, so that means you will get to see them next month. Until then, go get you some new rock & roll music!!! Any format is fine. And finally…the shot with everything…

38 thoughts on “May 2022 Purchases – Vinyl & CD’s

  1. Fantastic, I’d like to get B-side ourselves, the Saigon Kick ones (is a Jason Bieler’s”albums ranked” coming ?) and the Firehouse’s ones. I bought ZZ Top’s eliminator, Def Lepp’s Pyromania (deluxe edition), Skid Row’s Slave to The Grind, Dokken’s Under lock, Poison’s Flesh N Blood and Native Tongue, KISS’ Hotter The Hell, Bon Jovi’s New Jersey, Crazy Lixx’s Street Lethal, G’N’R’ s lies, Judas Priest’s British Steel, G’n’R ‘ s Spaghetti Incident, Thin Lizzy’s Jailbreak and RHCP’s Mother’s Milk (it was my Bday)

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  2. Cool scores as always Sir. That Rainbow album is very good…All your different versions of the new Leppard will take up the post next month at this rate your

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  3. That’s a great haul! The Queensryche picture discs look awesome. I recognized the Rock Candy logos on the Saigon Kick CDs. I have close to 30 reissues from that label. The magazines are good reads too.

    I think I went overboard on the purchases this month. I’m still trying to listen to it all. Lynch Mob goes in the CD player today.

    Our Lady Peace – Spiritual Machines II
    Bloc Party – Alpha Games
    Crashdiet – Rust
    Arcade Fire – We
    Tea Party – Blood Moon Rising
    Lynch Mob – The Elektra Years set
    Dio – 5 Classic Albums set
    Sisters of Mercy – Original Album Series
    Echo & The Bunnymen – Original Album Series
    Stars – From Capleton Hill
    Talisman – Genesis Deluxe Edition
    Manic Street Preachers – National Treasures
    Mark Lanegan – Has God Seen My Shadow?
    The Mysterines – Reeling

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      1. Stars are a Canadian pop act, a guilty pleasure of mine. When I want pop, I’m quick to reach for one of their albums. Mysterines, they’re being labelled as a new grunge band. I don’t hear it so far. I need more listens to figure them out. I think I’ll start with Crashdiet tomorrow, then JSS and co..

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      1. I count 27 Rock Candy releases in my collection. The last ones I got were Tyketto’s Don’t come easy and Warrant’s Cherry Pie. They sound great! Melidian’s Lost in the wild was a pleasant surprise. They’re like Frontiers in the sense that they’re looking for melodic rock. Strangeways and Silent Rage turned out to be good bands too.

        I got to hear the two Lynch Mob discs today. I didn’t realize how good a player George is until now. This was also the first time I heard Holy Diver in its entirety.

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    1. Believe it or not, I still have room. But the CD unit is filling up quickly. It will be full by the end of the year and then I don’t know what I’ll do. The vinyl has a good few years before I fill that unit up.


      1. You must have some impressive shelving if all of these monster shopping trips haven’t filled it all up yet. How are your carpentry skills? Could you build something, before the space runs out?

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        1. Ha! It does the trick. I still have the small shelving I had before I upgraded to the larger wall unit so I can go bring that back in to the space. What doesn’t help is when one of the places I get CDs from has the Buy 5 get 5 free deals. It gets dangerous. I just did that so I have another 10 to add. luckily that sell is only like twice a year.


              1. I have had to purge many times, over the years. It’s become an annual thing around here for me, the last few years. But I buy more on spec and have no attachment to a lot of what goes back out the door, so it’s maybe easier for me.

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                1. Since I have built this up over the last 5 years, too much stuff means something to me. There are some I got for free and could give up, but a lot of it has too much emotional value at the moment.


          1. If I can make a suggestion, I ditched the jewel cases ages ago. I put my discs in case logic binders. I keep the digipaks and set boxes tucked away in a bin in the basement. I take them out from time to time.

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            1. Thanks Andrew. That sounds great, but I like to have them displayed for easy access. Plus, the jewel cases keep them better protected. I tried the binders once but it was too cumbersome and slow for me. With them out, I can quickly scan and find what I’m wanting. Thanks though.


  4. I always felt Joe Lynn Turner Rainbow was Foreigner on steroids. I say that in a positive way. I absolutely love that era of Rainbow. Blackmore played to Joe Lynn Turner’s strengths… as he did for RJD… IMO.

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