September 2022 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs & More

Another month gone by which is good news because it means more Vinyl, CDs, books and even a DVD have been added the collection. And we are kicking this month off a very pleasant surprise from a good friend of 2 Loud 2 Old Music. Mr. Books himself, Aaron, from has sent yet another care package. The man believes in giving! This time around we got 2 books and 2 CDs all the way from the Great White North. Be careful what you say in the comments on his site as you are bound to wind up with it. Aaron knows my love for Idol and I have made comments before about the other 3 items…and now I have them. Thanks Aaron…and yes, he left a little note as usual!!

Now to start the month out, during labor day weekend, 2nd & Charles had their buy 5 get 5 free sale and so I hit up the CDs section and stuck to the 5 and 5 rule. Here is the 5 I bought…

And the five I got for free…or vice versa, however you want to look at it…

Then I hit a local record show and picked up a few vinyl and singles. Now, only one single was relatively old. Everything else was fairly new and all three albums were still sealed. Well, they aren’t anymore…

The singles…

I got a couple new releases this month as well. First is the 4th in the Off the Soundboard Series for Kiss and might be best one yet. It is from 1977, the classic years…

And then was a new Robbie Williams album celebrating his 25 years as a solo artist. It is a re-imagined/orchestrated collection of his biggest songs. This it the 2 CD deluxe edition that is a little book as well…

I also bought something off eBay…or did I win it…not sure as it makes me feel like I won it but it cost a fortune so not sure what it really is. But I do love it. It is the Cybernauts Live 2 CD set. Very rare, very hard to find. It is Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott and Phil Collens with some of the Spiders from Mars guys. Cool stuff…

Then it was ad money spend time. I picked up several items. On vinyl is Blue Murder’s debut album which is freaking awesome. It is the gold-stamp promo edition with the hype sticker…

I also picked up a couple more Promo CD singles for Matt Nathanson like I said I was doing last month. 2 more to the collection…

And believe it or not, there are still things for Jeff Scott Soto I am still finding. Here is a 2 DVD set of live shows for his band Talisman which is one of my favorite bands he’s been in, if not my favorite…

There was one other thing I bought on vinyl. It was Winger’s Pull…well…it showed it up broken…I got my money back, but haven’t figured out what to get instead. Here’s the broken record…

And that isn’t all…I left something off from last month (or maybe the month prior). I know I got it sometime this Summer, but missed it when doing the post. It is a Garth Brooks CD Box Set of his first 6 albums. I like Garth, I’ll take it…

And I believe that is everything…well, not really…here is everything…

Thanks for hanging around and visiting the site. I hope you all have a great day!!

52 thoughts on “September 2022 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs & More

  1. Nice haul. I haven’t had the misfortune of a broken record yet, I’m kind of shocked it hasn’t happened. I’ve had a few covers take damage but that’s a far cry from the sad sight of the snapped vinyl.

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  2. Wow you get a ton of stuff, I enjoy these vicarious posts! Looks like that Winger got Pulled too hard. Hm… Glad the loot arrived in good shape, enjoy! And for me, out of this goodness, the first thing on the turntable would be that Stevie…

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      1. This is the way. And good call, that’s a great Stevie album. I don’t have any Stevie on LP, but I have all the albums on CD (I think). My Texas Flood even has bonus tracks because somewhere somehow I lost my original copy and the next one I found was a fancy pants newer version.

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  3. Nice haul. The Bon Jovi single was the one I didn’t know I needed, until I bought the deluxe version of New Jersey. Love is war is the b-side of that record I believe. It’s a track I think should have been on the album. I’m glad Jon finally decided to share the track with the rest of us!

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                    1. I have to 2 set by him too. Just checked something called the ultimate collection with 10 cds and the limited series and then I also have Ultimate hits. So I’m ahead of u unless you’re holding back on your Brooks obsession…

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  4. That Blue Murder one is awesome. Great score there dude. Bootsauce! holy crap man saw them dudes here about maybe 30 years ago here in town. Suxx for sure about the cracked album but knowing how you dig ad find albums I’m sure u will PULL some kind of move and find it! (see what I did there??
    Lot’s of stuff Sir….good job now get back to work so u can buy more stuff!

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    1. Love the Blue Murder one. I now have the Rock Candy CD version and an original album on vinyl. Oh, and I think I have the cassette as well. Yes, I have issues!!

      I’ll get Pull again some day, but I ended up getting a couple other things that showed up after I did this post.

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  5. I recently saw Bush on summer tour w/ Alice In Chains & Breaking Benjamin. They were xclnt. Made me go back & re-visit their catalogue & I realized they’ve put out quite a few albums since their 90s heyday. And man! The Four Horsemen, shame they didn’t get any recognition back in the day, quality band w/ a tragic marred story. Cool stuff…My wife calls me a hoarder, I should show her the amount of stuff u get on a monthly basis, lol…

    Btw, any idea why when going down your page it bounces back up to the top again & have to go back down to find the spot u were up to? Does that happen to everybody, or maybe it’s just my laptop? Thx, take care…Happy listening

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    1. A hoarder! LOL!! I look at it as we are saving the world. These poor vinyls are sitting in the kennel (record store) and need a good home where they will be loved and played!

      And sorry about your issue. I have not heard of such a thing. I’m hoping it is your laptop issue, but if someone else is having that issue, I would love to know so I can shoot WordPress a note and have them fix it.


    1. Blue Murder is one of my favs. Been wanting it for awhile now. Finally bit the bullet. And I do like those Saving Abel albums. I couldn’t pass them up. And I was happy to find that Bon Jovi, one of the few I’m missing from that album

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  6. Another Four Horsemen fan, nice! 1st album is their best, but their 2nd, 1996’s “Getting pretty good at getting by” is also good. They unfortunately had a black cloud hanging over them. Btw if anyone’s interested or cares I do a radio show for local non-profit cyber station here in NYC., My DJ name is Bubba Guitar, show is called Spanning Time. This past Monday did a 5 hr mostly commecial free show from back room in my house & I play whatever the hell I want, usually mix of new & old Hard Rock, punk, metal, power pop etc…If anyone wants to check out here’s the playlist & link. Take care all…
    Show link –
    All shows Archives link –

    Back in the saddle – Aerosmith
    Play it loud – Mx/Px
    Shout it out loud – Kiss
    Friends will be friends – Queen
    I am waking up today – Bowling for Soup
    Everlasting love – Love Affair
    Everlasting love – Carl Carlton
    Everlasting love – U2
    September gurls – Big Star
    Wake me up when Sept ends – American Idiot B’way cast
    Viva la Gloria – Green Day
    Know your enemy – Green Day
    Vampire money – My Chemical Romance
    Scarecrow – My Chemical Romance
    Built by nations – Greta Van Fleet
    Whatchu’ thinkin’ – Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Mystery – Turnstile
    I don’t wanna be blind – Turnstile
    Here I am – The Supersuckers
    Supersucker drive-by blues – The Supersuckers
    Dear daughter – Halestorm
    The ones who love you – Paul Williams (the Odd Couple)
    Happy & peppy & bursting w/ love – the Odd Couple
    Seasons – Chris Cornell
    Drink too much – UFO
    Lights out – UFO
    Armed & ready – Michael Schenker Group
    69 Freedom special – Les Paul
    Believe in luv – Suzi Moon
    Animal – Suzi Moon
    Ghost story – Teenage Bottlerocket
    Another deadbeat summer – Bobby Mahoney & the 7th son
    You’re dead – Norma Tanega
    (718) – 2 Skinnee J’s
    Only natural – Above the Sun
    Lost & found (end of the world) – Above the Sun
    That was me – Blue Oyster Cult
    This time – Brother Dynamite
    Just blowin’ in the wind – Flatbush Zombies/RZA
    Rock Box – Run D.M.C
    The 3 kids in Brooklyn – Butch Walker
    Mixtape – Butch Walker
    I don’t matter at all – Pkew Pkew Pkew
    Famous last words – My Chemical Romance
    Stand up & shout – Dio
    Long live Rn’R – Rainbow
    The Mob rules – Black Sabbath
    The Wizard – Black Sabbath
    Trashed – Black Sabbath
    Steal away (the night) – Ozzy Osbourne
    Killer of giants – Ozzy Osbourne
    Dreams – Van Halen
    Romeo delight – Van Halen
    Bump & grind – David Lee Roth
    Transitions – Beastie Boys
    My redemption – Halestorm
    Unstoppable – Eva Under Fire
    Nag – Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
    Brass in pocket – the Pretenders
    Rip her to shreds – Blondie
    Witches burn – the Pretty Reckless
    Riptide – Candlebox
    Only because of you – Candlebox
    Surrendering – Candlebox
    Sometimes – Candlebox
    Don’t you – Candlebox
    Movies – Hold On Hollywood
    Dancin’ – Olivia Newton John & the Tubes (Xanadu)
    Meet me at our spot – the Anxiety
    Odd Couple theme – Neal Hefti
    We’ll meet again – Johnny Cash
    Happy trails – Van Halen

    PS – I sent this y’day but stupidly just responded to the WordPress email, I’m a bit stunad sometimes, lol…Only sending this because it seems like the people here are fellow music lovers. Take care all

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  7. That Andrew O Neil book is pretty funny. There are some inaccuracies (says thing came out a year they didnt, or its their third album when its their fourth or something) and he is pretty snobby about some topics, but it can be laugh out loud funny in parts


  8. That’s a pretty strong slab of Bush there – I think two of those (Chemicals and Golden State) got overlooked at the time and both hold up well now, their newer records are pretty strong too

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