Tuesday’s Memes – Rock & Roll…Part 2

You know what, we don’t need a band this week.  Let us celebrate Rock & Roll by itself.  Yes, we all love it and there is nothing better out there than Rock & Roll.  Now rock takes many forms, but we are looking at the classic rock and roll sounds.  Enough chit chat, lets get to it.

Thank you sir!!!


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Tuesday’s Memes – Groupies

What band doesn’t love their Groupies??  Do bands today even have groupies?  Is that still a thing?  I mean does the DJ that today’s band have any woman fawning all over them?  “Oh, you scratch that album so amazingly” just doesn’t have the same as “Oh look at what his fingers can do to that guitar, imagine what he could do to me”…am I right?  Let us celebrate the Groupies!!



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Tuesday’s Memes – Rock & Roll!!

Every one needs a laugh after a Monday.  This week I am focusing on memes that cover Rock & Roll in all its glory!  I hope you walk away with a smile and ready to listen to some Rock & Roll.  Enjoy and have a great rest of the week.


That would be my kid!!


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