Friday New Releases – October 2, 2020

Welcome to October and this month starts off with a BANG!! There are so many releases this week and a ton I am interested in at the very least, hearing. October has a lot coming so this is only the beginning. Everyone that has been holding off due to Covid is finally being released. This week, I am sure there is something you will find that you like. I am going to highlight my choices in Blue. I want you to let me know what you want to hear and what I may have missed that is coming out. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  • 91MiwNRPU3L._SX522_  Queen & Adam Lambert – Live Around the World – (Hollywood Records): This one is on order and I hope it will arrive sometime today as I am dying to hear this one. I took my daughter to see them on their most recent tour and since Adam sounded amazing, it will be nice to have an album with him on vocals.
  • 71NNfjYV4dL._SS500_  Bon Jovi – 2020 – (Captain Kidd / Island Records): Am I excited about this one or what?? Actually, it is or what! I am not excited at all and do not have this on order. I am only interested in hearing it to confirm to myself that Bon Jovi is still not worth a damn anymore. Now, if I find the vinyl in the used section of my local store and less than $10…I might pick it up as the completist in me feels the need to do. I haven’t liked what I’ve heard so far so my hopes aren’t very high.
  • 81veD3u1XjL._SY679_  Shania Twain – The Woman in Me (Deluxe Diamond Edition) 25th Anniversary – (Mercury Nashville): Oooh Shania!! I will admit I like Shania!! And I will give this a listen to see what the bonus tracks are like as I know the album well enough. And nothing more to add.
  • 81KENZr+UaL._SS500_  Corey Taylor – CMFT – (Roadrunner Records): Corey Taylor deserves a listen. I am interested to hear what he brings to the table this time around as it is never the same thing twice. I haven’t heard anything yet as I want to take it all in at once.
  • A1dA4KWRCPL._SS500_  Robert Plant – Digging Deep: Subterranea – (Warner Music / Trolcharm LTD): Robert Plant…enough said!!
  • 917z8CDOVmL._SX522_  Rodrigo y Gabriela – Mettavolution Live – (ATO Records): I love these two as their guitar playing is fantastic. It is Spanish guitar, flamenco and world music all rollled in to one. They were in Paris the same time I was a couple years ago and I hate I didn’t suck it up and go. That would’ve been cool.

And the rest starting with an album of rarities from Mariah…who knows, I might give that one a try especially if it is early Mariah songs…

  • 81exCjVwzOL._SX522_  Mariah Carey – The Rarities – (Columbia Records / Sony)
  • 916QyBxr2ZL._SX522_  Nickelback – All the Right Reasons (15th Anniversary Edition) – (Atlantic / Rhino)
  • 71NUaAJShdL._SX522_  William Shatner – The Blues – (Cleopatra Records)
  • 81RGTpGTqIL._AC_UY436_QL65_  Frank Zappa – Halloween 81: Live at the Palladium, NYC – (Ume)
  • 81y2tup7HaL._SS500_  LANY – mama’s boy – (Polydor / Side Street Ent. / Universal)
  • B1OQisnD-vS._SX522_  Dawes – Good Luck with Whatever – (HUB Records / Rounder / Concord)
  • 91dfCPvbQML._SX522_  Roger Waters – Us + Them – (Us + Them Productions / Sony Music)
  • 719+2JqCKaL._SS500_  Amaranthe – Manifest – (Nuclear Blast)
  • 91Me8zgs6LL._SX522_  Six Feet Under – Nightmares of the Decomposed – (Metal Blade Records)
  • 81U4rYRKXTL._SX522_  Ella Fitzgerald – Ella: The Lost Berlin Tapes (Live) – (Verve Records / UMe)
  • 71keqOe5V2L._SX522_  Aloe Blacc – All Love Everything – (BMG Rights)
  • 51vnp3admLL._SX522_  Melanie C – Melanie C – (Red Girl Media)
  • 61jqyOcXFTL._SX522_  Rascal Flatts – Twenty Years of Rascal Flatts – (Big Machine Label Group)
  • 71ggoUJJEqL._SX522_  Dolly Parton – A Holly Dolly Christmas – (Butterfly Records / 12 Tone Music)

28 thoughts on “Friday New Releases – October 2, 2020

  1. Queen should be on the iPod shortly. Looking forward to hearing that one John. At least some of the Fridays are starting to look promising coming up in regards to New Tunes.
    Thanks Sir as always for posting!

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    1. My Queen CD shipped last night and will be here today. Can’t wait. I might wait until I get it to listen to it although the download was in my inbox. I might tackle BJ first so I can write a quick one word review…Shitty!! But I could be wrong and they could’ve released the bad songs as singles because everyone does that.

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  2. Has Rascal Flats really been around for 20 years?!?! Seems like it was only yesterday I was listening to “Life is a Highway” from the ‘Cars’ movie. You are so lucky you got to see Queen. I’d love to see them one day once covid is done, especially since Adam Lambert’s vocals are AMAZING!!! I laughed so hard on the “I am only interested in hearing it to confirm to myself that Bon Jovi is still not worth a damn anymore,” part because I think that’s totally true. No offense to Jon Bon Jovi, he still loves doing what he does and I respect that, but if Richie is not there, then I could care less about the band!

    Liked by 1 person

              1. Because he’s writing songs for a younger singer as if they could have another ‘It’s My Life’ any day now. Of what I’ve heard it’s stuff like American Reckoning that doesn’t suffer from this

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