December 2020 Purchases – Vinyls & CDs

We are at the final month of 2020 and thank the Heavens. I hope 2021 sees an end to Covid, but not an end to my music buying. This month we have another treasure trove of stuff I have obtained over not just the month, but the last 6 months as a couple things I ordered in prior months finally arrived. And being December, there is everything I got for Christmas that is music related.

First up this month are a couple things I bought back in April/May timeframe, right when Covid started. My brother saw these on the Facebook market from a friend of his and knew I would like it so I told him I wanted them and he bought them (I paid him back of course). I told him to hold them and I would be down to Atlanta soon and boy was I wrong. We are now in December and I haven’t been down. I eventually asked him to mail them. I got another Kiss Tour Book and this was from the Alive/Worldwide Tour (1996-97) and the other is The Ultimate Kiss Fanzine Phenomenon 1976-2009 hard back book. They are both awesome and will be reviewed in detail in 2021.

The next thing was an album I ordered in November that finally arrived after 2 tries with Amazon. And on the second try, they delivered it to the wrong house, but thankfully we have the best neighbors in the world (or at least Waxhaw). They brought this and a package my wife had ordered. It is Volume 2 of Five Finger Death Punch’s greatest hits called A Decade of Destruction Volume 2.

I also picked up with a gift card a Sixx A.M. album I am missing and that is the 10th Anniversary of the debut album, The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack. It is one I had on my list for awhile and since I got a $20 gift card for earning points on, why not go ahead and grab it as it ended up only costing me a few pennies.

And then the big day!! Our local shop Noble Records bought this massive collection from a guy who at one time owned his own store. This was his personal collection and it was mostly hard rock and metal and it was amazing. It had the Kiss debut album without Kissin’ Time, the original GNR cover for Appetite and the debut Motley Crue album from Lethur Records plus so many I wanted. My daughter got up there about an hour prior to opening and we weren’t first, we were like 20th. Needless to say I didn’t get much of what I wanted. Well, the GNR and Motley ones were $300 and $400, respectively so out of my price range. Hell, Nikki Sixx actually contacted Noble as he wanted the Crue album since it is so rare. The owner didn’t sell it to him because he always puts out his records to the local community first for one week before he will sell to anyone online and ship. I am glad to say that Noble sold the record, but not to Nikki or me for that matter. Anyway, back to what I bought as it was a lot. Mostly some cool singles, but a few albums as well.

The first batch are 4 The Cult 12″ Singles, 2 of which are still sealed…but not for much longer…

Then we got a couple Def Leppard items. One 12″ single and one ‘Hysteria’ Picture disc which brings my Hysteria collection to 3 Vinyl, 1 Deluxe Box set and 1 7″ Vinyl collection. Crazy and it isn’t even my favorite Lep album.

3 Queensryche LPs with Rage For Order and 1 12″ Single and 1 that turned out to be a promo interview disc. All really cool…

Lastly, a 12″ Bon Jovi Single and the Ozzy album Randy Rhodes Tribute on vinyl…And that Bon Jovi single will be the first with the post of this batch.

Then about a week later, Noble put out some picture discs and there was another Lep vinyl in with that so it was another trip to the store…it is “Pour Some Sugar on Me” picture-shape disc.

My daughter was with me and flipping through another box and pointed out he had an Aldo Nova 12″…she knows me well…sold…

We also stopped by 2nd & Charles as my daughter needed some new books and of course I found two CDs…one Arcade with Stephen Pearcy and then the debut Bonham album…

And now we are to the Christmas/Birthday presents. First up is Queen with the 40th Anniversary Edition Box Sets…all 3 Volumes.

Then it was a Judas Priest box set with most of their Rob Halford albums. Missing the 2 most recent and the Ripper albums. Also received the Rob Halford book ‘Confess’. A lot of Priest to get through.

I also received the Ted Templeman biography which I can’t wait to dive in to it…

The White Stripes Greatest Hits release on vinyl was something else I was given. I am not an album fan, but I do love the singles so this will fit nicely in the collection…

If that wasn’t enough I got a couple Kiss things (of course). One I won’t show here, but do another post on and the other is because we have spent most of 2020 doing puzzles thanks to Covid. So they got me a Kiss Puzzle, 1000 pieces. Can’t wait!!!

And I know it is hard to believe, but that is it and what a way to end the year. Not a bad haul…

33 thoughts on “December 2020 Purchases – Vinyls & CDs

    1. That Ozzy is awesome. I played it pretty quick after I bought. I have started on the Priest and you have to know I have heard very little Priest as far as albums go. I actually like Rocka Rolla although some of it I don’t. I didn’t realize they were more Blues Rock back then.

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  1. Dude, I went through a similar situation with my Def Leppard X album. It was supposed to arrive with my Def Leppard Volume 2 boxset (along with High ‘n’ Dry), but X and High ‘n’ Dry never arrived, even though Amazon said they were delivered on my order updates. I contacted customer service and they said they could resend both albums (I didn’t have to pay for them, thank goodness). High ‘n’ Dry came about a week later (the case was cracked, but I kept it cause the CD was fine). X, however, failed to arrive again because it was “undeliverable” and according to customer service, it was sent to the wrong address, so they sent it back to Amazon. I called them again and they agreed to send X again and it came, but the CD case was once again cracked (after asking them to add more protection to my CD orders). The point being, it took three tries and four angry calls with Amazon for the X CD to arrive.

    Sorry for that rant!

    But man, you have a Hysteria collection? I bet you would go nuts if Def Leppard released 12″ singles, vinyls, and special stuff for High ‘n’ Dry haha! That 12″ single with “Bringin’ on the Heartbreak” and “Me and My Wine” kind of counts as a High ‘n’ Dry collectible, now that I think about it!

    That Kiss puzzle set, is that only focused on the masked years? I don’t see anything for Revenge, Hot in the Shade, or Carnival of Souls.

    All in all, you got some great stuff and a lot of great music and books to keep you busy for a while!

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    1. Amazon has sucked lately on the shipping. They used to be able to hit the release day delivery, but that is actually happening less and less. That Kiss Puzzle is probably not even an licensed Kiss puzzle so not sure what they were going for with it, but i think you are right that it is only make-up era Kiss.

      And yes, this should keep me busy for awhile.

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  2. I got a 1000 piece Star Trek puzzle coming in! We finished all of the ones we have!

    Man, those Queen sets look sharp! Are they all of their studio albums?

    RR Tribute was my introduction to Ozzy and still remains my favourite thing he has ever done outside of Sabbath.

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  3. Nice stuff dude. Glad to see Arcade in there as that is one fine album. Pearcy has to go down in history as the only dude from the 80s at getting a record deal with a major label in 1992-93 when every one was getting dropped!
    Enjoy your haul my friend! Cheers!

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  4. really digging Yngwie’s Magnum Opus. Kicking myself for not getting the seventh sign one as well when I had the chance. Shouldn’t have listened to opinions saying that albums after Odyssey were no go. Damn.

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