August 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

Wow, how time has flown. Summer is winding down, school is back in session and we had a big month here at the 2 Loud 2 Old Music home life. Our oldest daughter turned 18 and moved off to college the very next day. A very happy and sad time in our life. And my youngest became a freshman herself in High School. Man, they grow up so fast. And usually when I have these big moments that make me happy and yet sad, I drown that sad part in purchases and I have to say, there were a few this month and so we might as well get to it…

To start it off, the first album on the list this month is one that came out on July 30th, but I didn’t get the album in time for the July post so it kicks off this month’s post. The brand new album by Needtobreathe called “Into the Mystery” and my copy is CD. I also have the Vinyl on order but due to delays we won’t see that until November which is why I have the CD now.

Then my daughter and I were out and I picked up a few random items. First was bought at Manifest Disc in the used CD section and was something I have already, but didn’t. It was a limited deluxe edition CD with a 64 page mini-magazine of Kiss’ Monster. I have this one on vinyl, but this was too cheap and cool to pass up.

After Manifest, we went down to 2nd & Charles as my daughter was looking for a couple books and I picked up a couple random things I used to have in my collection and now I am building it back. A Richard Marx CD as I am reading his book and a 90’s Queensryche album. Some good stuff…

Next up, I picked up a few Amazon gift cards from and with that I got a couple Cheap Trick CDs I was still missing for my Cheap Trick Series that starts next week and here they are. I am still missing The Latest and I think that is the only one. And The Latest is the title and not their latest album, I have that one already…

And then we get to the a purchase that was made just to help me feel better for my daughters getting older and one moving off to college…And you know I like Jeff Scott Soto and so here are a handful more I have…

And if that wasn’t enough, it was payday this month for site and I bought more Jeff Scott Soto albums. I am getting pretty close to being done if that is actually possible. Hmmm…should I go ahead and announce it here? Sure, the next series we will be tackling here on 2 Loud 2 Old Music is the Jeff Scott Soto Series. It will consist of 56 albums…you read that right…56 albums!! I have a feeling it will wind up more as it will take so long to do it, he will probably release at least 2 more by the time we get to the end…if not more. He is a machine. I am not sure when it will start exactly, but it is coming soon.

Now, do you remember the saga back in June where screwed up and sent me the wrong Queensrcyhe box set? Of course you do, but if not, I ordered the new Operation:Mindcrime Box Set and the Empire Box Set and they sent me the Mindcrime and then a 2CD set of Mindcrime as well. They finally fixed that issue after over 6 weeks of dealing with their stupidity. I finally received Empire…

Now, as you know, I am a massive Kiss fan and there aren’t too many vinyl records I don’t have. Now, I am not talking about all the variants, I am just trying to get one of each. I think I still have about 7 more to go but that number was 9 as I finally was able to check two off that list. I was finally decided to buy Kiss Rocks Vegas on vinyl as I had put that off for a long time as I have the CD/DVD combo set. I got a good deal at Best Buy thanks to a $20 coupon I bought it. Then KissOnline offered up a bunch of German Editions of albums and I would’ve loved them all, but I had a version of those albums already so I went with the only one I didn’t have which was Best of the Solos…and I love the KISS Logo as it isn’t the classic logo since Germany was a little freaked at the S’s in the original logo for some strange political reason..okay, not strange and completely understandable, but that is another story…Here they are…

And then on one more trip out with my youngest, we hit a couple record stores and I found some more things to add to the collection. At Hardy Boys and Noble I found some CDs to start replenishing my old collection. Nothing rare or hard to find, but some classics that I love…

And also at Noble, I found a vinyl for the new Rob Zombie album and it was used so a little cheaper. I will admit, I have been digging this album so it was a no brainer to finally buy it.

And then in a booth next to where Hardy Boys is, I found the Sammy Hagar autobiography for only $4…sold!!

And don’t worry, that isn’t all. I had a couple more Jeff Scott Soto albums show up late so here are two more to the collection and yes, I have a problem!!

And sorry, we aren’t done yet. As you know, I love Needtobreathe and I like to find obscure things and here is a UK promo CD of Keep Your Eyes open…

And lastly, my girls love them some Taylor Swift, so we decided to start collecting the re-recorded versions she does of each of her albums that she calls “Taylor’s Version” or something like that. Here is the first one for “Fearless”…oh, and on CD as it is cheaper…

And that is it believe it or not. There is a lot, but CDs are a lot cheaper so I tend to buy more of those when I buy them so this turned out to be a more CD heavy month than some. And here are all of them together and you will notice there is something off in the picture and I didn’t notice it until I edited the picture, but I had already picked them all up and filed them so I was too lazy to fix it. See if you notice it.

39 thoughts on “August 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

    1. Thanks. Can’t wait to start the JSS, but will probably start January 2022 as I want to focus on Cheap Trick and Aerosmith for a little while and do some different reviews.

      And yes, the German Kiss logo is different but cool too. Can’t use the old SS that looks like the Nazi SS .

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  1. I look forward to these posts every month because I love seeing what you buy (and how obscure it is to me lol). I know that Sammy Hagar autobiography isn’t recent, but I just searched him up and he looks really good for his age!


  2. Bet it’s no surprise that I have read the Red one. Liked the story about his mechanic getting him that VH spot….
    That Monster book version looks cool, can u post some pictures of the magazine?

    Don’t tell LeBrain that my Las Vegas version is still unopened….

    Looking at my table only to see that there is no book in progress…We are starting on Jumanji saga, just watched the 1st one.

    Please let us know how Taylor’s version sounds.

    Have u heard of these guys:

    Brother Firetribe – One Single Breath
    Listening to False Metal at the moment.

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  3. Holy smokes! You got SO MUCH!! Amazing. Also, Jeff Scott Soto is indeed a machine. That you are even contemplating a series tells me you are a machine too. Remember what I said about “I can’t follow THAT?” Yeah, here it is again. LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The JSS series is for me. All the other ones like Kiss, Queen etc…I did because I know people really like these bands and it would be fun to go through them. JSS won’t be a ratings grabber, but for me it will be fun. It will start in January is what I am thinking. I want to keep it at 2 series for a little while a couple months.


      1. I thought these series were all for you! πŸ˜‰ Who cares about ratings? You do you, man. I think you’ll be doing his stuff a real service. In fact, I would say you ought to send them to him so he can see your dedication!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I reached out to him for an interview!!

          And they are all for me is true, but I have kept to well known artists for the reader as well. I am straying in to a not super well known this time not caring it won’t get as many hits as say my Kiss Series has (which has been very popular).


          1. I hope you get the interview, that would be an AWESOME topper for the series!

            Not to make too much work for you, but have you considered running another (more ‘popular’) series beside the JSS, so people don’t drift away after 50+ posts?

            Liked by 1 person

                    1. Then GIVE ‘ER!! I stopped having fun for a while there, and even did a hiatus, which I discovered are for chumps. I’ve tried so many things on the blog since 2006, ways to keep it interesting. These days, a quick blurb and on you go. I admire your tenacity in getting so far ahead and doing such an excellent job while you’re at it!

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  4. Oh, also, our kids are (it looks like) finally going back to school next week after 1.5 years home online. They are going into grade 7 and grade 5 (they’re 12 and 10). I can’t even begin to think of sending them off to school elswhere, but I know that’ll come soon enough.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! 18 months is crazy. My kids only truly stopped when Covid first started. The next school year was 2-3 days a week in. This year, all 5 days no online. And yeah, you have a few years to go before College bound.


      1. Yup, my lovely wife works in a hospital. She can NOT be patient zero from something caught from them. So, we kept them home March-June last year. Then in the fall numbers were bad so we opted for fully online, which locked them in Sep 2020-Jun 2021. They’ve really missed their friends but we had to do the responsible thing. It’s why I’ve been here in the house over 500 days myself.

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