November 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

Can you believe there is only one more month in the year? It has flown by so fast. And here we are again with another month end wrap-up of the purchases we have made here at 2 Loud 2 Old Music. It was a pretty decent month and another month where CDs outweighed the vinyl. There should’ve been a couple more vinyl in here, but with all the delays in vinyl pressing I have 3 that have been bought that will now not show up until 2022!! Thanks Adele!!!

First up this month are a couple that came in at the end of October after I had done my post. First is the John 5 & The Creatures release ‘Sinner’ and this one is signed. It is an awesome album and it will be interesting to see where this lands on our year-end countdown.

The other item that I received was another stellar box set from Whitesnake. This time around it is the 25th Anniversary of the album ‘Restless Heart’. It is full of demos, remixes and the always cool Evolutions disc that walks you through the evolution of the songs. Sadly, there was no live show added but that is being picky.

And throughout the month I am ordering things on eBay, Amazon or Discogs and I picked up a few cool things. As you know, I collect Needtobreathe music and I got my hands on a CD Promo of the single “The Heart” from the UK. I love these type of things.

I also broke down and bought a CD for my Jeff Scott Soto series and one I wasn’t planning on because it is normally pricey and it isn’t that good (more on that when we get to it in the series), but I caved. It is Kryst the Conqueror and we will leave it at that for now…

While on eBay looking around, which is always fun, I found the Japanese Edition of the Bon Jovi Box Set ‘100,000,000 Million Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong’. This is cool because it has not just an extra track, but a whole entire extra disc. Plus, it has the OBI and all the Japanese Writing. Again, I love this stuff…

Next up is a CD from the band Sven Gali. It is their latest E.P. that I heard while researching for the interview with the drummer, Dan Fila, I did with Mike Ladano. The E.P. kicks some ass and well worth the buy!

I even bought an album I have little to no interest in ever listening to. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I collect Billy Idol vinyl records and his Christmas album was finally released on vinyl for the first time. And the completist in me had to have it so I bought it. And yes, it is still sealed…

My daughter and I went out and hit the our record store Manifest Discs and I actually found a few things. 2 CDs were purchased with one of John 5 and one a CD single from Poison. Since it was buy 2 get one for a $1, I also bought the Kiss DVD for ‘The Second Coming’ thanks to my daughter for spotting that one.

On that same trip, we ran by the Antique Mall (which had moved locations) and I found another Scorpions album that I didn’t have in the collection…so I bought it…of course.

Then about a week ago, the mail lady dropped a package on my porch and I didn’t remember I had anything on order that was due to arrive. Lo and behold, it was the latest Needtobreathe album that had come out this Summer, but the vinyl had finally been pressed. I like when I forget about stuff and it shows up.

Still not done. The weekend before Thanksgiving, my wife, daughter and I went to 2nd & Charles to look around for books, movies and music and we all struck gold. They had a deal where if you buy 5 CDs, you get 5 for free. They had the same for movies so my daughter went nuts. I of course had no issue finding 10 CDs. Too many to list, but you can see them at least…

Then there was one last thing that came my way and it is huge!! Yes, the 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Box Set for the Kiss album ‘Destroyer’. It has 4 CDs and 1 Blu-Ray plus a ton of extras that will take a while to go through…but a review will come.

And that is all. As normal, below is a picture of all the purchases together in one shot spread out on the floor. This one is a little different in that Bear wanted to be in the picture. Ok, not really, he just wouldn’t move so I made him part of the picture…Enjoy and see you next month for the December post which hopefully has a few Christmas gifts included…

27 thoughts on “November 2021 Purchases – Vinyl & CDs

  1. Dang, I am so jealous! You got Colton Dixon’s first album (which is amazing), Bon Jovi’s ‘One Wild Night’ (which accidentally appeared in a ‘Slippery When Wet’ CD case at the Book Off, so I returned it), and ‘100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can’t Be Wrong’ (which features Richie’s “If I Can’t Have Your Love,” a track that was recorded for the ‘Stranger in this Town’ album, but didn’t make the cut).

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  2. Nice haul! I like the Restless Heart reissue. It was the first time I had heard the album. It sounds more like the bluesy early stuff. Add me to the list of jealous folks on the Japanese Bon Jovi set. The Japanese seem to get more bang for the buck when it comes to music. Lucky ducks! I must have gotten the 100,000,000 “not worthy” fans must be wrong version!

    My November haul wasn’t bad. It lacks the rare gems that you picked up, but that’s ok. I have two Helix reissues, the second Damn Yankees album, three reissues by John Norum (ex Europe guitarist), Destroyer (just the two disc version), two albums from Crazy Lixx, Santa Cruz’ Screaming for Adrenaline, and an old Glass Tiger album. Oh, I picked up three Stan Bush reissues. For those fans of the 80s martial arts movies, he had some songs on the Bloodsport and Kickboxer soundtracks.

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    1. Wow! Your November haul sounds awesome. Some great ones in there. I need to get those Norum reissues myself.

      And the Japanese do get the better deal as far as content, but they are expensive which is why they get the bonuses.


      1. I didn’t know much about John Norum. I remember being on the Rock Candy records site, seeing the reissues listed. I checked out some of his stuff online, and took the plunge. He has some chops. I like that he brought in other singers. Not everyone can be like Richie, right? Rock Candy has an excellent roster of bands. I’ve discovered a number of bands from the 80s as a result. My only problem is that my wallet takes a pounding, literally. The British pound versus the Canadian dollar? It is no contest. The pound whoops some canuck ass, as far as value goes.Uggh.

        I’m happy with the Helix reissues. One of them (No rest for the wicked), the CD looks like vinyl, grooves and all. Such a good Canadian act, and lots of fun live!

        I think I have some Harem Scarem Japanese issues. The last Japanese version I found was from a band called Treat.

        I wish I had discovered Crazy Lixx and Santa Cruz earlier. Santa’s Aiming High is a phenomenal song. I also love All looks no hooks by the Lixx. Damn, so catchy!

        The next new release for me comes December 10. I ordered the Tea Party’s debut indie release. It’s a two CD remaster. Can’t wait!


  3. Dude, you know, I make my little posts of the crap I’cw found and think I’m pretty cool and then I come over here and you’ve got way better stuff and a better post about it too! LOl. Wow you really clean up every time, don’t you! I most approve of the Harry Connick, Jr. album (it’s a favourite – I can sing every word on it, badly) and the dog pic! Hello doggo! Head skritches from Canada!

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    1. You are funny! The Harry one was because of our conversation a few weeks back and I remembered the CDs I used to have so when I saw this, I grabbed it. December is shaping up nicely too!!! Lots of things on order and a record show this Saturday (last one until April).


  4. I remember as kid taping Destroyer on a tape and taping Rock’n Roll over on the other side of the 90 minute tape. Borrowed the vinyl from a neighbor. My 2 favorite Kiss albums, still.

    listening to Elton the lockdown sessions. Fits Christmas time.

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