August 2022 Purchases – Vinyl, CDs and Books

August is over and so is Summer. School is back in session and it was a very busy month. Between vacation, getting one of my daughters off to college and traveling for work, I didn’t have much record store time. As a result, my selection is rather small compared to some of my months. But doesn’t mean there isn’t enough to show off so lets get in to it.

We will start off with my record shopping while on vacation as I did pick up a few things. First up was a Joe Satriani for the album, ‘Not of this Earth’, which I already have. But I didn’t have this cover. I had never seen this before, so my rule…if you haven’t seen it before, you buy it. And I did…

And that holds true for one my next finds at the same record store. I picked up Kiss’ ‘Psycho Circus’ on CD as it was at the lowest price I’d seen in awhile. Then I saw a maxi-single for “I Was Made For Loving You (Live)” for the Alive III album. I had never seen this before, so I bought it…

And then while walking through the Historic District of St. Augustine, Florida, I found a second hand book store and picked up this Glenn Hughes autobiography. I’m almost finished with it and it has been great…

And there is a record store at the edge of the Historic District, which I didn’t really like…very pretentious and snobby feel to the store. But I did find some Rob Zombie (with John 5)…sold!!

And that is it on the vinyl. The rest are all CDs (as they are cheaper). I did get out to 2nd & Charles one afternoon and I found a handful of CDs which are all great…and very eclectic mix of artist…

And then I went on a little Matt Nathanson shopping spree. Matt’s new album ‘Boston Accent’ came out and I did get the CD (the album will come later) and I realized I’m only missing two CDs to complete my collection so bought ’em.

Now, when the vinyl comes, I will have every Matt Nathanson studio and live album on CD AND on vinyl, where one has been released. I’m basically done. That leaves me with only Promo CDs left to buy…and I bought 5 of them. A couple are really rare and hard to find and has taken me awhile to get them, the rest, I guess not as I found those quickly thanks to eBay and Discogs. Still more to buy though then a huge Matt Nathanson post when the collection is complete…

I did buy a couple of new releases this month as well including the new one from Hollywood Undead and the new Will Hoge album…could those two artist be any more different? I don’t think so…

And lastly, I was on Facebook and someone posted a picture of the Rock Candy version of Blue Murder’s debut album and I thought…hmmm…I don’t have that one…I do now…

And that is it. Still a lot, but i think less than a lot of the more recent months and I’m okay with that. Vinyl prices are still crazy which is why you see more CDs than vinyl. Plus, what is left on vinyl that i want is pricey so I am being way more selective. CDs, cheap right now and I can grab a bunch for what one vinyl would cost. Here is the whole lot in one picture…

Thanks for stopping by and we will see again real soon as the months fly by!!

31 thoughts on “August 2022 Purchases – Vinyl, CDs and Books

    1. I’ll second that, Nathanson Tattoo!

      I don’t have Vice Verses and I don’t have that new Hollywood Undead yet. Don’t have Astro-Creep: 2000 Live either. Are they any good?

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      1. I read somewhere that Bowie severed the ties to everyone who reminded him of his coke-fiend years after he moved to Berlin, so I guess it must be the mid-seventies or earlier.

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  1. Glenn Hughes book is great, I really enjoyed it. And that Blue Murder reissue… my copy has a misprint – if it lists Cold Harbor then it’s not on there. There is no Blue Murder song by that name, it was just a misprint. But I was a bit peeved cause I was hoping for a bonus track! But it’s a good reissue otherwise!

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  2. Nice haul.

    I think I went a little overboard this month. I bought 30 CDs. My Will Hoge CD arrived yesterday. Once I finish the new Muse, I’ll put it on. I’m sure he has lots to sing about.

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          1. Yeah we went to see him on the She tour (1994, I think), that was quite a day. Before the show he was doing a cross-promo at a department store in Taranna – his wife was a Victoria’s Secret model, so there was Harry sitting in the lingerie section signing autographs lol. Before we got to the front of the line, my friend asked if I thought he’d sign her inner thigh… I think she was serious… anyway, the huge bodyguard with him made that unlikely lol. He was warm and friendly and just about crushed my hand with his giant strong mitt when we shook hands. The show that night was GREAT. The Leroy Jones Quintet opened up, and then Harry brought out his funk band and they N’Awlins’d it up for a good long while. We laughed when the grey hairs were leaving because they were expecting the big band show. Like, did you even hear the new album? Lol.

            The very next weekend I was back in the same venue (the old Exhibition Stadium) to see the Rolling Stones with support from Stone Temple Pilots). That was a great summer.

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              1. I’d prefer Clapton all blues, myself. And no talking between songs, hateful old git…

                And yup. Stones on Voodoo Lounge and STP on Purple tour. Great stuff. Deke was at the same night I was, we didn’t know each other then.

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  3. I’ll take Gary over Clapton any day. Both hard rock and blues will do. Looking forward to getting my hands on that new biography on Gary.

    Listening to Shinedown Leave a Whisper at the moment. You?

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