My Sunday Song – “Dark Horses” by Switchfoot

For My Sunday Song #86, “Dark Horses” by Switchfoot is my choice.  The song is off their ‘Vice Verses’ and the single was released on July 20, 2011.  It reached #1 on the Billboard Christian Rock Songs and #1 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles (I don’t really know this chart very well).  It went to #5 on the Rock Alternative Charts as well.  Needless to say, it did very well for the band.

What I like about Switchfoot is they have Christian roots, but can pass as a mainstream act as well.  They are able to get the message out and most people don’t even realize they are getting a positive, heartfelt message of some kind whether it is religious or some point they want to get across.  I love how he can turn that message into such great music.

“Dark Horses” might be a familiar term to those in the sporting world.  A dark horse is a term used to describe a person, team or horse that is not well-known but rises to the top.  The song is talking about the homeless children that aren’t well known, but they have something to offer if they were just given the chance.  Jon & Tim Foreman are wanting to spread the word and put the focus on helping these homeless kids so they have that chance to shine.  For Jon, these kids are the kids he sees on the streets of his home town in San Diego and he works with the organization Stand Up For Kids.  I agree with the band and we shouldn’t write them off, they deserve a chance to shine and succeed just as much as anyone.

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The Top 20 Songs of 2016

It is time for the Top 20 Songs of 2016.  My previous post, if you missed it, was the Top 20 Rock Songs of 2016.  Go check it out by clicking on the link.  These 20 songs are all other genres other than rock.  Some were popular and chart toppers and others were not.  They are my favorites, that touched me in some way.

If you missed the Top Rock Albums of 2016 or the Top Albums of 2016 (that were not Rock), just click on the link and go check them out.

Let’s get started…

20. “24K Magic” by Bruno Mars off the album ’24K Magic’: Ok, I love this song.  There is something about Bruno that I enjoy.  It is what you come to expect from Bruno and that isn’t a bad thing.  Very catchy and makes you want to dance.

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The Top Albums of 2016

The year is almost over so it is time to look back at what was awesome in music during the year.  I have already looked back at the Top Rock Albums of 2016 (click to read).   This list will cover all other genres that I listened to over the year including Pop, R&B, Christian and whatever other genre you want classify these albums.  Rock is my favorite genre that is why it gets it’s own list, but that doesn’t take away from any of these choices as I think they are great on their own.

Note:  These albums were my favorites and not necessarily the most played on the radio (which I hate the radio) or even the biggest sellers.  These are just what I came across during the year and connected with me in some way.  So, we might as well get started…

The #1 Album of 2016

cover170x170-33Lady Gaga – Joanne (Interscope Records): This was an easy pick for me.  The album was such a pleasant surprise and a departure from her last album.  It had a little bit of everything from Pop to Country to Rock to Folk.  It was such a great mixture of songs that gave us one cohesive album.  The title track, “John Wayne”, “A Million Reasons” and “Perfect Illusion” were all great songs.  Even the Deluxe Edition was great with “Grigio Girls”.  All around classic album for Lady Gaga.  Check out my review here.

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Switchfoot – “If the House Burns Down Tonight”

Here is my 2nd song I was going to share from their new album “Where the Light Shines Through”.  I am only sharing this one because it is my new FAVORITE song.  I heard it and was instantly in love with this song.

It starts out with slow burn and then is a blazing fire of rock.  It spoke to me because as I was listening to the lyrics, I immediately thought that if my house did burn down, I would be okay with it as long as my beautiful wife and kids were by my side.  They are all that matters to me.  None of my personal belongings matter and they aren’t going to remember me when I am gone.

I think people lose sight of that and think they must have the latest and greatest and most expensive item because they feel it defines them, but it is your family, friends and who you are to them that defines you.  I am proud to be a husband to my wife and a father to my kids and friend to my friends.

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Switchfoot – “Looking For America (feat. Lecrae)”

The new Switchfoot album,’Where the Light Shines Through’, is incredible and there were 2 songs that really spoke to me that I have to share.  The first one is “Looking for America (Feat. Lecrae)”.  The second one I will post tomorrow.

“Looking for America” is so timely for the tragic events of this week.  First the tragic killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling by the police and then last night’s equally tragic killings of 5 police officers in Dallas, Tx.  Words can not express how I feel about these events and I feel this great country is losing itself.  When I heard this song, I pushed repeat and continued listening to it the whole drive home from work.

I know the song isn’t about the killings this past week, but about America’s problems overall.  However, it is seems so relevant for what is currently going on that I felt I needed to share.

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Friday New Releases – June 8th

I don’t have a long list of releases, but there are some I have been waiting on for awhile like Chevelle and Switchfoot.  Plus a few more that I can’t wait to hear which are all listed in Blue.

  • 51N-+Um45UL._AC_US160_  Chevelle – The North Corridor – (Epic):  It has been 2 years since their last release, so I am excited for some new music from these guys.  The songs I have heard so far, have been great.  I hope the rest of the album is as well.

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