Whitesnake – ‘Slip of the Tongue’ Super Deluxe Edition (30th Anniversary) – Album Review

David Coverdale has really outdone himself with these Super Deluxe Editions Box Sets.  First was the ‘1987’ album, then an UnZipped Box Set, then ‘Slide It In’ and now we get the royal treatment on the 1989 album ‘Slip of the Tongue’.

This special edition consists of 6 CDs, 1 DVD, 1 Book, 1 Tour Program replica and 1 Album Cover Poster.  And it has over 100 tracks amongst all the discs.  Here is everything you get.


Now of course that 100+ tracks is misleading and this set is truly for the ultimate fan.  Why?  Because the set repeats the songs a lot.  Because the set repeats the songs a lot.  Yes, I wrote that twice on purpose and yes, I did the same joke on ‘Slide It In’…because its true.


Alright, let us jump right in and go through the discs…

Disc 1 – Original Album (2019 Remaster)

Now I won’t go through the album as I will be doing that in detail for the David Coverdale Series that I am working on. This review will be coming up in a couple months.  For this discussion, I will mention that the weird thing here is the track order is not the same as the original album.  I have it on vinyl and mine ends with Sailing Ships and not Fool For Your Loving as well as songs in between are all switched up.  No big deal, but it does give it a different flow (not better or worse, just different).

The bonus tracks are pretty good.  The best being “Sweet Lady Luck” which was the B-Side to the single, “The Deeper the Love”, I believe.  The other songs are remixes of songs on the album.  The biggest disappointment on this disc is the Vai opening on “Kittens Got Claws” which sounds like cats in heat, but seems to have disappeared from this version of the album.  Not sure why that would be removed.

Disc 2 – The Wagging Tongue Edition (Promo Album):

This album is the original album that was sent out as a promo that was interspersed between each song with interviews with David and was meant for radio intros and the like.  The songs fade in & out between the interviews so it is not really the complete original album, but as fan, I really enjoy the interviews.

Disc 3 – Evolutions: Demos/Remixes/Re-Records:

Now, here we are with the real highlight of these Coverdale box sets.  The Evolutions disc has been on the two previous album Box Sets and let me tell you they are worth the dough.  What you get is the “evolution” of the song as the title says.  The song is spliced together with different pieces of the song from the beginning of writing up to the final demo and you can hear how the song grew along the way.  It is really fantastic.

Another bonus on this disc is we get the first taste of some talked about songs but never released such as “Kill For the Cut”, “Parking Ticket” and an instrumental of “Sweet Lady Luck”.  Another cool feature is that here we get some taste of Adrian Vandenberg on guitar as he was hurt during the recording so is not on the final album.  Is there a difference between his versions and Steve Vai’s?  Uhhh…YES!!  Steve takes it to a different level and Adrian’s actually reminds me of old Whitesnake with a little more bluesy feel.  Nothing wrong with either version in my book.

Disc 4 – Monitor Mixes, April 1989:

With Disc 4 with get more mixes of the album and these are with Adrian on guitar like the previous one and is a good opportunity to get to hear the differences in style.  Another great thing on this disc is we get a solid version of “Kill for the Cut (In Desperate Search for a Melody)”, “Parking Ticket”, “Burning Heart”, “We Wish You Well” and an instrumental of “Ain’t Gonna Cry No More”.  “Burning Heart” is actually an old Vandenberg song that David enjoyed and cool to hear them do a version together.  All-in-all, really great and I hate it took 30 years to hear some of these tracks.

Disc 5 – A Trip to Granny’s House: Session Tapes, Wheezy Interludes & Jams:

Disc 5 has turned out to probably be my favorite disc. It is basically the band rehearsing in the studio, however, these guys are having a blast.  There are some funked up tunes, blues treats, instrumentals and a lot of joking around.  I believe this is before Vai had joined the band so the songs sound a little different.  There are 23 tracks on this disc alone and let me tell you it is an absolute treat.

This disc gives you the rather offensive take of “Sweet Lady Luck” called “Liquor and Poker” that tells you to “Lick Her in the Front and Poke Her in the Rear”.  Not very subtle is he.  It are treats like that that keep you listening to this disc over and over…at least I did.

Disc 6 – Live at Donington 1990:

And the last disc is the Live at Donington show from 1990.  This has been released before and the thing that puts me off is it is not the full show.  They have stripped away the solos and forced it down to fit on a single CD.  It is still a great show to listen to, but if you want the full show, this isn’t it.

Disc 7 – DVD/Video:

Lastly, we get a DVD.  Where Disc 6 was only a partial Donington Show, this disc brings the whole show on video in living color.  I really enjoyed watching this and getting to see Steve Vai shred apart his 7-String guitar.  Having the solos thrown in was great to see Adrian’s solo, Tommy Aldridge’s solo and Vai’s was awesome.  The funniest thing about the show is David.  Before a ton of the songs, he would say the same thing over and over…”Here’s a song for you”.  It was a little ridiculous by the end of the show.  And what I found funny as well was that he said the same thing a couple times in the “Live…In the Heart of the City” album I reviewed recently.

With the DVD, you also get a 20 minute + behind the scenes look at making the album with David hilariously commenting as the video plays. And if that wasn’t enough, you get about a 40 minute new interview with David and Adrian Vandenberg talking about the album.  Two old friends enjoying themselves reminiscing about good times.  And if that wasn’t even enough for you, you get 4 music videos from the album and I believe the “Sweet Lady Luck” one had not been released.

And that is all the Discs.  Quite a lot…


60-Page Book:


You also get a 60-page book full of pictures, lyrics, credits and bits from interviews in the magazines.  It is nice little hard back book and done very nicely.  David expects nothing less than the best and he delivers again.  Here a couple pictures…

Replica Tour Book:


Also thrown in is a miniature replica tour book from the Slip of the Tongue Tour.  It is small at about the size of a CD case, but it is done well and full of pictures used in the original.



And last, but certainly not least, you get a poster of the album cover.  Now, I opened it once and photographed it, but that will probably be the last time it is ever opened as the wife won’t let me put posters on the wall anymore.  That was supposed to stop the minutes I left high school apparently.


And that is everything you get.  I know, it is a lot.  David has done it again with another fantastic Super Deluxe Edition Box Set.  He gives me the things I want…Unreleased material, demos and a live show from the era.  Other bands need to take note!!!  There are a few flaws with it as I mentioned a few things I didn’t like, but that doesn’t ding it much. I would still give this a 4.0 out of 5.0 Stars.  If you have the three other sets, this is a no-brainer.  If you don’t…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???  You need these!!  Thanks David Coverdale for doing it again!  I can’t wait to see what is next.


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54 thoughts on “Whitesnake – ‘Slip of the Tongue’ Super Deluxe Edition (30th Anniversary) – Album Review

  1. It’s “liquor in the front and poker in the rear”. Don’t know what you’re thinking about! You must have a dirty mind… 😉

    Cov put up a cryptic “announcement soon” type thing on Twitter with a pic of him and Page but then I don’t think anything actually happened. Heard any more about that? Hopefully that means Cov/Page is up next for the box treatment but I don’t really mind. Whatever is next… I’ll buy it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, my mind is firmly planted in the gutter!!

      As far as Coverdale/Page…I doubt anything new, but seriously hoping for a box set. I will buy that in a heartbeat!! I doubt I will get it before I actually do the review in the Coverdale series though, but that is okay.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The thing that strikes me about this box set is that I had before you lot! haha. That’s probably a first and a last! As always you have detailed in great length this box set which I was leery about at first but man I’m glad I got it!
    Agree with you that Disc 5 is my fav as well as thats the cool stuff as like yourself I think it’s before Vai brought his wang bar into the mix and kinda did his schtick to be nice about it!
    The only difference I have with you is that I’m ok that the Live show not having the solos as I would just skip them on the audio front.
    Great review. I think you should just put up the poster in the living room. Just by a nice frame the wife won’t notice! haha

    Liked by 1 person

      1. And why!? As a teenager we decorated our rooms..so what changed? Answer; the wife did..hahaha! Is it a ‘man thing’ perhaps?
        About the box set, it is great! Discs 2, 3, 4 and 5 are really enjoyable..for being a Dutchman I’m very pleased with how the sound could (or should?) have been without Vai’s input. I already had the live disc and dvd (6, 7) but if one didn’t it’s very nice that they come with the box set. The 60-page book and tour book are also very nice..all in all a must have for Whitesnake lovers!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, definitely the change is the wife…but she is worth the change! 🙂

          Coverdale has done each and everyone of these box sets to the max. They are such a deal and so well put togther. Now we need the Coverdale/Page box set next!!!!


  3. Thank you, this is brilliant stuff!

    Disc 7. “The funniest thing about the show is David.”
    Indeed, he was the funniest and saddest thing. I was there and they simply did not have a chance after Aerosmith’s stellar performance. I’m a huge fan of Whitesnake and travelled to the site from Finland with high hopes as this would have been my first time to see them live.

    David was seemingly nervous when they hit the stage and sadly it was lacklustre and lukewarm since the first notes. Too many solos, Steve Vai slaughtered most of the classic tunes, and despite his almost desperate attempts, Coverdale could not win over the critical UK audience. (I saw Steve Vai ruling the stage at Donington 1988 with David Lee Roth and they were a perfect match, not so much with the other David.)

    Liked by 1 person

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