Billy Idol – “Eyes Without A Face” – 12″ Picture Disc (Bonus Edition)- (The Billy Idol Series)

When I am out digging through rows and rows of vinyl, I love it when I can find things I don’t have that are little out of the ordinary. For me I love to find 12″ Picture Discs as they are usually beautiful and this one was no exception. While at a record show here in Charlotte, I came across this Billy Idol Picture Disc which was released in the U.S. back in 1984. The packing was strictly a clear plastic covering with a little white sticker in the upper right hand corner. That is exactly what I found except my little white sticker was now a more faded tan to yellowish colored sticker as it has faded a little with time. Even the clear plastic covering was starting to tint a little as well.

Musically, the single has only three songs and they are “Eyes Without a Face”, “Blue Highway” and “(Do Not Stand in the Shadows”. All are album cuts and not special remixes or anything like that. So the only reason to own this is because it is pretty and it is. But if you are looking for only rare mixes or demos, this isn’t for you. This is for the completist in you that has to have everything. Let’s go through the songs a little then.

THIS SIDE: (Picture is up top)

“Eyes Without A Face” is one of my favorite Idol songs.  The hand clap, the groove, the slow ballady feel all worked gloriously against a darker feel from the lyrics.  The song builds up in tempo and you get a fantastic little riff from Stevens and then some beautiful backing vocals by Billy’s girlfriend, at the time, Perri Lister.  She is singing in french “Les yeux sans visage”  which means eyes with a face.  The phrase was also the title of a movie directed by Georges Franju which was the inspiration for the song.


With opening growl, you get “Blue Highway”, a catchy, uptempo song that really chugs along with lyrics I have no idea what the hell he is talking about.  The lyrics I am going to assume are heavily influenced by his drug use at the time.  Maybe it was a potential overdose the song is about, but not real sure.  Whatever the reason, a great rock song that is top notch in my book.

Another great deep cut is “(Do Not) Stand in the Shadows”.  The song is a little repetitive, but it is full of energy and fast paced that it reels you in and you can’t help but sing along.  Probably the most fun song on the whole album and when you get the deep cuts to speak to you, you have a great album and ‘Rebel Yell’ is just that…a great album.

And there you have it. A cool little find. Simple and to the point. I found a couple 7″ Singles from Billy Idol as well at that Record show so those will be coming soon as well. See you then.

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