Billy Idol – “White Wedding” (1982) – 12″ Single (The Billy Idol Series – Bonus Edition)

When I was out to Noble Records 3rd Anniversary Record Drop, I found some great pieces for the collection. One that I had been wanting is the 12″ Single for Billy Idol’s classic, “White Wedding”. And sure enough, he had it and I bought it. One of the most recognizable Billy Idol songs ever is from his debut 1982 self titled album. “White Wedding” is on that album but it is listed as “Part 1”. Which means there must be a “Part 2”. What is cool about this 1982 release is that it includes both Part 1 and Part 2 of the song “White Wedding”. Side 1 actually has both Part 1 & Part 2 together as one song at over 8 minutes in length. Side 2 is exclusively Part 2.

  “White Wedding (part 1)” became a massive hit for Billy thanks to MTV.  With few videos to play in the early days, this one got on heavy rotation.  The song was written by Billy Idol and is a song that is not about a happy wedding.  I have read different stories about what the song means.  One, it is not actually about his sister.  It is either about a “shotgun” wedding or about a woman he is in love with then she marries someone else. 

It has that classic Steve Stevens opening riff and the bass line by Phil Feit is powerful and chugs along driving the song forward. Keith Forsey on drums is amazing as his fills are perfectly placed and the beats give the song a frantically charged feel to the song. Billy calmly sings at first with an almost eerie yet sinister tone. He gets more aggressive as the song goes and when it builds to a climax he starts screaming and his “woahs” are perfect. The song never made you look at weddings the same way again.

The video was cool depicting a wedding with a normal looking bride (who was Perri Lester, Billy’s girlfriend at the time) and a goth rocker (Billy) as the groom.  The famous barbed wire wedding ring making her finger bleed as he put it on her finger and the scene of the motorcycle crashing through the church window all stand out as memorable.

“White Wedding (part 1)” is called part 1 because there is a part 2 which is a more synthesized version of the song.  It was released as a 7″ dance version.  Both versions can be heard together on his future release of ‘Vital Idol’ and on this 12″ single. The Part 2 is very, very different. Not much structure and definitely no verse, chorus, verse layout. It is all over the board with digitized drum beats, a lot of synths and words thrown in here and there with a lot of echo. It is not the “White Wedding” you are used to hearing. Side 1 includes Part 2 with Part 1 and Side 2 gives you Part 2 all by itself.

Here is a video for you with both Part 1 and Part 2 together. Go enjoy!!

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