Billy Idol – “Hot In The City” – 7″ Single (The Billy Idol Series) – Bonus Edition

If you remember my discussions last week, while at a record show here in Charlotte, I came across that Billy Idol Picture Disc for “Eyes Without A Face”, but that wasn’t all I found. I also found a couple 7″ Singles from Billy Idol as well. First up was this release of “Hot in the City” with the B-Side “Catch My Fall”. The release was actually done in 1987 to promote the release of the classic Idol album ‘Vital Idol’. This version is the U.S. version of the single and nothing overly special, I like collecting all of Billy’s singles and if you get one with a half way decent picture slip cover, it is worth grabbing…in my opinion.

“Hot in the City” is about Billy’s time in New York and his love for the city.  It is a slower dance track with some lovely ladies assisting with background vocals.  He uses some synthesizers on top of the fantastic bass and drum rhythm section.  It is really a stellar track and his scream of “New York” towards the end is epic. The version on this single is straight off the debut album, ‘Billy Idol’ from 1982. This is not a remix and it is not on the album ‘Vital Idol’ so a little strange. It is the same front cover as the original single back in the day, but the cover has the ‘Vital Idol’ album and not the debut, plus a different B-Side.

My copy has this Sale Price sticker of $4 and it fell off right after I took this picture so it had been on there a long while.

“Catch My Fall” (Remix Fix) really changes up from the original and not in a bad way.  Very techno and actually a lot of fun.  I swear part of it sounds like Tiffany’s song, “I Think We’re Alone Now” towards the beginning when the electronic drum beats come in.  To completely change up a song and still make it good and the original song noticeable is a hard thing to do, but I feel they nailed it.

My copy has the B-Side stamped with “Demonstration – Not for Sale”, but this is not a promo copy that I can tell. Plus, why would the stamp be only on the B-Side and not both and not on the sleeve. A stranger mystery and if anyone has the answer, please let me know.

And there you have the first of two 45’s from Billy Idol. The next one we will discuss next week is for the song “Sweet Sixteen”.

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30 thoughts on “Billy Idol – “Hot In The City” – 7″ Single (The Billy Idol Series) – Bonus Edition

  1. Catch My Fall is another good Idol track. I completely forgot about that one. Great stuff sir. When all is said and done Billy has a pretty decent run career wise. Course it helps when you have Stevens on the 6 string as a sidekick.

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    1. Yeah, Stevens does help since it is his guitar that is the Idol sound we all know and love. One of the greatest partnerships in music of all time I believe. Separate, these guys are ok, but together, they are awesome!

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      1. Funny, I got the Christmas album a few years back and haven’t listened to it yet. Shuffle hasn’t brought it up either. I’m a big fan of shuffle. At the moment it gave me Paul Weller Hit Parade, disc 4.
        I don’t have vital idol:revitalized and have never gotten into Gen X. But love Billy solo albums. Was so happy that he made a comeback. 2 really cool albums. Still think that Rebel Yell is unbeatable.

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