Billy Idol – ‘Revitalized’ – Album Review (The Billy Idol Series)

We are to the final studio album released in our Billy Idol Series which means we are really close to the end of the series which makes me a little sad as I have enjoyed doing this series.  The next album up for review is a  remix album of Billy’s hits called ‘Revitalized’ which was released in September 2018 and is 31 years after the release of his first remix album called ‘Vital Idol’.

Billy’s songs are brought into the 21st century with remixes coming from some of the best EDM artist of 2018 including Paul Oakenfold, Moby, The Crystal Method, CRAY and many more.  The original album has 11 tracks where the digital version gives you an additional 4 tracks for 15 songs total.


I guess I will preface this by saying the album is full of hits songs and the remixes are all worth a listen, but nothing beats the original songs and actually nothing is better than Vital Idol.  These songs are good and give us a look at them in a new, modern light.  For fans it is fun and a must have for the collection; however, nothing groundbreaking here like Vital Idol was.

The album kicks off with “White Wedding” which is remixed by CRAY.  This version brings a heavier bass sound and becomes almost a hip hop record by the end.  Then RAC brings us his remix of “Dancing With Myself” and the song feels more upbeat and heavy on the synths and drum beat.

“Eyes Without A Face” is remixed by TropKillaz and the song is stripped of all it’s emotion and magic.  It is pure synth and is missing anything that made the original so special.  This one I could skip.  We then get The Crystal Method’s version of “Rebel Yell”.  The first thing I noticed is that Steve’s guitar is still there at the beginning which is really missing from the mixes so far.  This mix sticks to the energy of the original and just punches up the beat and bass and it is a pretty good remix.


Moby’s remix for “(Do Not) Stand in the Shawdows” highlights Billy’s vocals and adds a little effect to them for the verses.  The chorus keeps that energy and vibe of the original. The song is sped up and adds a little more fun to the overall feel.  “Flesh For Fantasy” by St. Francis Hotel is up next and he has Steves opening riff screaming in full force with some added synths then the song becomes bass heavy and mainly Billy’s voice. It is sped up and mostly synths from this point on with Steve’s riff thrown in every now and again for good measure.  This one is okay as I love the original so much anything else doesn’t hold up.

“Catch My Fall” by Juan Maclean is full of effects to enhance the song without taking away too much from the original. “One Breath Away” by Paul Oakenfold is almost unrecognizable as it begins and is so fast it is hard to catch your breath let alone your fall.  It is actually danceable and I have to say I enjoyed it a lot.

DJDS brings us his version of “To Be A Lover” which is mostly bass with a nice groove, some keyboards thrown in for good measure.  Billy’s vocals are really the main focus.  “Don’t Need a Gun” by Shiba Shan comes at you in full on dance mode with heavy bass beats and hand clap sounds. It is a complete revisioning of the song compared to all the others.

The last song on the main album is “Hot in the City” remixed by Shotgun Mike.  There is an Island vibe with steel drums and beats that brings a new vibe to it and adds a little fun.  Not a bad closer.


The bonus tracks for the digital version kick off with the only Remix by Billy Idol and Steve Stevens.  They take on “Mony Mony” and give it more of a dance beat and with the chorus they add the “Hey Motherfucker, Get Laid Get Fucked” as is done in the live version.  It is another fun version and actually one of my favorites on the album.

The next two bonus tracks are an extended version of “One Breath Away” by Paul Oakenfold and Moby’s “(Do Not) Stand in the Shadows” which is knocked down to half speed.  Heard them above and that is enough.

The final track is the Lost Dog Remix of “Save Me Now”.  It is really just an instrumental remix with minimal, if any vocals, more like whispers in the background.  The cool thing is Billy’s son Willem Wolfe contributed to it along with Brandon Rauch and Ed Bedrosian.  The version sounds very mysterious and has this real cool vibe to it.  A unique take on one of Billy’s best songs.

And there you have it.  I won’t give a track listing score as it is more of a compilation than a studio album, but there were really only a handful of songs I would skip such as “Eyes Without a Face”, “Flesh For Fantasy” and the extra tracks of “One Breath Away” and “(Do Not) Stand in the Shadows” (once was enough for those two).  Okay, I guess the track score would be 11 out 15 or 73%.  There you twisted my arm.

Now the overall album score for production and enjoyment is only a 3.25 out of 5.0 Stars.  Not all the songs are perfect, but the album is interesting and at times fun.  It isn’t as good as the original ‘Vital Idol’, but has elements that make it worth having. I actually don’t have it in my collection right now, but it will get added when I get it at a good price and if I can find the colored vinyl that would be a bonus.

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The next review in the Billy Idol Series is Generation X’s 7″ Single of “Your Generation (Winstanley Mix)” from Record Store Day 2019.

36 thoughts on “Billy Idol – ‘Revitalized’ – Album Review (The Billy Idol Series)

  1. Not too sure If I would be interested in this John with people monkeying around with the mixes etc!
    I’m old school in the thinking of just leave it alone! But that’s my personal preference!
    You still rated it pretty high so that’s cool you’re digging it!
    19 Idol reviews that’s an impressive collection you got.
    Great post​ as always!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It is not for everyone. Stick with the hits if you area casual fan. I tended to get more enjoyment with it now than I did when it came out. It got better with more listens. Next week is the end of the series…until a new album comes out.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Nothing wrong with that. I haven’t run out and bought this one yet although the completist in me wants it. I am waiting for it to get cheaper as although I thought there were some good mixes, I won’t listen to it that often.


  2. Interesting point about the bit of sadness that accompanies the end of a series/something you enjoyed.
    I have a feeling when I finally finish the 1001 albums, it will be that mix of glad to have done it but also some sadness at being done as well!

    Liked by 1 person

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