Generation X – “Your Generation” 7″ Record Store Day Release – Single Review (The Billy Idol Series)

This is the last in the Billy Idol Series.  I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have in writing it.  There could be one more in the series if I get the Generation X Deluxe Set that was just released, but I have not grabbed a hold of yet.  When I get it, I will do a review of it, but for now, we will end the series with this beauty right here.  I started with a Generation X release and I will end with one as well.

For Record Store Day 2019, Generation X released a special 7″ Single of the band’s debut song “Your Generation”.  The song is not the original version, but the Winstanley Mix which is done in conjunction with the release of a Deluxe Edition of the band’s debut album.  This remix is not on the box set, but in addition to and a must grab for Generation X fans.

The original song was released as a single in 1977, however, it did not show up on the debut album.  It wasn’t until the 2002 re-issue of the debut that this song saw new light.  The B-Side of this single  is “Trying for Kicks” which was also on the 2002 re-issue and not used for the original album.


The 7″ Single release was on red vinyl and is absolutely beautiful and a nice add to the collection.


The song “Your Generation” is an upbeat, high energy punk song.  It comes at you at full speed with all the attitude the band can muster.  I don’t know why this wasn’t on the debut as it is one of the best songs the band has released.  This remix is remastered and the sound is amped up and so clean it lets you hear all the piss and vigor the band was carrying around with them back in the day.


The B-Side is “Trying For Kicks” and is another Winstanley mix and again, this one is not on the deluxe set either.  Score!!  Bob “Derwood” Andrews is freaking tearing it up on guitar.  His riffs are on fire and combined with Billy’s vocals you get a lethal combination.  The song comes in and out so fast you immediately drop the needle back to the beginning time and time again.


This is really a great release and a great companion to the Deluxe Box Set of the Generation X album which is still not in my collection…shame on me!!  When it is, I will do the final Billy Idol Series post (unless Billy does another studio album which might be coming in 2020 as he and Steve have been writing).  I will give this a 5.0 out of 5.0 Stars and if you find it out in the wild, grab a copy!!  Some of your local, independent record stores might still have a copy.

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37 thoughts on “Generation X – “Your Generation” 7″ Record Store Day Release – Single Review (The Billy Idol Series)

    1. I liked I started and end with a Generation X release. it came full circle. The Big Album ranking is tomorrow to wrap it all in a nice bow!

      The Coverdale series will be at least 33 reviews and 1st one is in the bag…coming soon


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