You Picked It! The Strokes – ‘Is This It’ – Album Review

Alright…You Picked It! And this one wasn’t really that close. They took an early lead and never looked back. The winner this month is The Strokes with their album ‘This Is It” which was one I had never heard before. I usually pick older classic albums for that slot, but thought I try and bring something more recent like in the last 20 years and it won. Here are the results.

  1. The Strokes – ‘Is This It’ – 9 votes
  2. Royal Blood – ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’ – 5 votes
  3. Blue Oyster Cult – ‘Fire of Unknown Origin – 4 votes
  4. Drive-By Truckers – ‘Decoration Day’ – 3 votes
  5. Skillet – ‘Dominion – Sadly, with ZERO votes (poor Skillet, no one wants to hear them)

Thanks to all for participating. The March choices will be up on Saturday!


The Strokes debut album came out on July 30, 2001 and I basically ignored it. It wasn’t hard enough from what I heard and I didn’t care for the over all sound so they were pushed to side and I never bothered with them. Here we are 20 years later and I thought I’d throw them on the You Pick It! Series and if they won, I’d finally give them a fair shake. Well, they won so I guess I have to live up to my end of the bargain. I spent all week listening to the album over and over and over and did my opinion change? Let’s find out…

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You Pick It! Which Album to Review in February?

You, my reader, are going to pick an album for me to review each month.  It is really simple…first, I will give you 5 albums to choose from and second, you will tell me which one of those you would like to see reviewed on the site.  See…simple! Now, if you want to cast more than one vote, comment on the Twitter and Facebook post and you could get up to 3 votes on your favorite pick.

There are a few simple rules I have put in to place in my selections.  They are…

  • One has to be a new release (within the last month)
  • One has to be one I have never heard before (new releases don’t count for this one)
  • One has to be from a genre I don’t normally listen to at all or very often
  • And the last two are choices from my collection that I haven’t reviewed before

What are the 5 albums you ask?  Funny you should ask because I have those right here…

  New Release – Skillet – ‘Dominion

  Never Heard Before – The Strokes – ‘This is It’

  Not My Normal Genre – Drive-By Truckers – ‘Decoration Day’

  From My Collection – Blue Oyster Cult – ‘Fire of Unknown Origin’

  From My Collection – Royal Blood – ‘How Did We Get So Dark?”

Let me know which one you would like to see and sometime in February, I will post a review of the album that gets the most votes. You have one week to decide and from there I will start listening to the album and do a review.

Thanks for participating!!

Friday New Releases – April 10th

Happy Friday.  We made it through another week and in today’s world, that is saying something.  As your reward, we have a batch of new releases for you.  And let me tell you, I need this pick me up.  There are a few I am interested in hearing and they are highlighted in Blue as normal.  Let me know what you see that you want to hear or maybe I missed something so let me know.  I hope there is something for you.  Have a great weekend!!!

  • 71HREvVvBmL._SX522_  Joe Satriani – Shapeshifting – (Sony Music);  I love Satriani.  The first guitarist I dug that released his own solo albums. Well, maybe it was Vai and Satriani.  Joe has been pumping out music almost annually and I couldn’t be happier.  I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this time around.

  • 61Ccbs8LyvL  The Strokes – The New Abnormal – (RCA):  The Strokes are back.  How long has it been? It has been 7 years since their last release.  I am not a huge fan, but I am interested to see what they bring to the table in 2020.  I like garage rock and they were kings for a short time, will they regain the reign…we will see.

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