Whitesnake – “Fool For Your Loving” – Single Review (The David Coverdale Series – Bonus Edition)

I was out and about with my daughter and we actually made an unexpected trip to one of our local record stores called Repo Records. I wasn’t expecting to find anything and I came across a great early Whitesnake single for the song “Fool For Your Loving” but not from the album you are thinking. Nope, this is the 1980 version that you might not known existed. Whitesnake fans that came on board in the late 80’s know this song from the album ‘Slip of the Tongue’.  However, this is the original and first release of the song which went to #13 in the UK and #53 in the US. It was actually the band’s first single and first hit outside the UK. 

“Fool For Your Loving” was written by Bernie Marsden (who had the riffs and the verses), Micky Moody (who wrote the bridge) and David Coverdale (who did the lyrics). The funny thing about the song is that it was originally written for BB King, however, they soon realized the song was too good to pass up…and they were right. This version of the song is more bluesy and has a nice groove and not as rocking as the hair metal version, but that is okay.  You have Bernie belting out a great solo that is so different than Vai’s version. 

Since I grew up with the ‘Slip of the Tongue’ version, this version feels like a demo to me and I am actually turn to which one I like more.  This fits the sound of the band at this point in their career and the other fits that version of the band.  Tough choice…I will let you decide.

“Black and Blue” feels like you are at a honky tonk with the whole live, bar-band feel to it including some amazing piano playing by the great Jon Lord.  Adding the cheering bar crowd to the mix made it feel right at home in the bar.  It is a fun, good time track so throw on those cowboy boots and get over to the honky tonk to do some line dancing!!

And there you have it. Another nice addition to the David Coverdale & Whitesnake collection. It is an ever growing collection for sure as David is still putting out material, although a lot lately has been rehashes with new mixes or unreleased tracks. And you know what, I am happy with that myself. Thanks for stopping by and until next time, have a great day.

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37 thoughts on “Whitesnake – “Fool For Your Loving” – Single Review (The David Coverdale Series – Bonus Edition)

  1. Coverdale rubs me the wrong way. He just seems like a gross old pervert. If you’re gonna name your band after your dick, at least go all the way instead of being all creepy about it.

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          1. I’ve no idea, I don’t listen to Whitesnake! I guess if he can’t bring it anymore and still wants a paycheck, well either way he sucks.

            Liked by 2 people

                1. Hey, that movie was great…ok, no it really wasn’t. But it wasn’t awful either…just so so. But I still like Coverdale!! You can’t convince me otherwise. And we already knew my taste sucked anyway!!


                  1. I will say that movie was kinda fun at least. I didn’t actively hate it like 90% of big budget films these days. A lot of stupid plot points, but entertaining enough for an action mvoie. Way better than Zack Snyder’s recent shitfest, Army of the Dead. That’s gotta be one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, really. Just total contempt for the audience and originality.

                    Liked by 1 person

          2. I guess for elaboration, if he’s only hiring an extra vocalist to do backing vocals and perform harmonies like on the record, then it’s no big deal. If he hired him to cover for his blown out ass Robert Plant/Velveeta Cheese ripoff voice, then fuck him.

            Liked by 2 people

              1. With Kiss I still don’t agree with it, but I sort of get it because they’re characters. Who the fuck is gonna want some new guy doing Whitesnake? Are they that big of a band anymore? Just call it a day!

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  2. Cool score John.
    My personal favourite version is the live one from ‘Live….In The Heart of the City’ I find Vai jerking around too much on the guitar on the SOTT version.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Took me years to even give Vai version of Whitesnake even a chance, felt like the blues side was gone from the band.
    Nice find and still think that cover is so cool.

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