2021 – A Year in Review at 2 Loud 2 Old Music – The Top 10 Posts of the Year!!

Last Saturday, I gave you a post of totally useless information with all the albums I listened to in 2021, so let’s do it again this Saturday. We are going to look back at what happened in 2021…no not in the world of music. But in the world of 2 Loud 2 Old Music, the website!! I know this is important stuff, I get how excited you must be so stop the YAWNING!!!

We had a another record year here at the site. We finally broke 1,000 followers and are now sitting at around 1,022. A small milestone for the site. It only took 5 years to get there. If that was enough we broke a record of views this year with over 272,000 views which is a 36% increase over the prior year. Next year, we are hoping to finally pass 300,000 views. See, real exciting stuff.

During the year we worked on a lot of Review Series. We finished the Kiss Review Series which had around 74 separate posts and took over 13 months to complete. We also started and finished the Judas Priest Series and the Queen Series which were both a lot of fun. We have started and are a good way through the Cheap Trick Collection Series and the Aerosmith Collection Series as I love doing these Series so I hope you do as well. It lets me go back and deep dive in to their albums and it also gives me a reason to go out and buy more albums. For 2022, we have the Jeff Scott Soto Series and I will go ahead and tell you when the Aerosmith Series ends, we will be jumping right in to the Scorpions Collection Series. A lot to look forward to next year!

What were to Top 10 Posts of the Year?

As you will see from this list, there is a reason I do the Album Rankings as they are EXTREMELY POPULAR with the masses as they take up 60% of my Top 10. The Original Vs The Cover Series is also popular as it is 20% of my Top 10. This was also the first year I had 22 Posts break the 1,000 view barrier in the year. And another 10 just missed that were in the 900’s. Here are the Top 10…

  1. New Releases – 9,207 Views (This is a “page” not a post, but it is my most popular and keeps growing each year.
  2. Whitesnake – The Albums Ranked Worst to First – 3,565 Views
  3. Ratt – The Albums Ranked Worst to First – 2,329 Views
  4. The Original Vs. The Cover – “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” – 2,160 Views
  5. The Police – The Albums Ranked Worst to First – 2,051 Views
  6. The Original Vs. The Cover – “It’s My Life” – 2,011 Views
  7. Tuesday’s Memes – Christmas Music – 1,976 Views
  8. Night Ranger – The Albums Ranked Worst to First – 1,565 Views
  9. Bon Jovi – The Albums Ranked Worst to First – 1,478 Views
  10. Poison – The Albums Ranked Worst to First – 1,440 Views

Another Milestone, I had the opportunity to interview my First Rock Star with the wonderful and most gracious, Paul Laine. That was a bucket list item right there. Thanks to Mike Ladano at The LeBrain Train for letting me tick that off!! I really enjoyed guest hosting on the show with Mike over the year and can’t wait to do more in 2022!!

We wrote a lot of posts this year on the site. We did 342 posts and when I say “We”, I mean “I”. It was a lot of fun and so cool I got close to doing 1 a day on average. Let’s see if I can hit that milestone in 2022. On those 342 Posts, we averaged 1,071 words per post and wrote over 364,000 words. Crazy!! I think the 1,071 words is misleading because on all the Review Series posts, I include the links to every post in that series so that is probably why it is so high. There is no way I know that many words!!

Okay, I’ve bored you enough and if not, I’ve bored myself enough!! So, I will let you get back to something more meaningful…your life! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to a great 2022 here at 2 Loud 2 Old Music!!

38 thoughts on “2021 – A Year in Review at 2 Loud 2 Old Music – The Top 10 Posts of the Year!!

  1. Those Whitesnake and Bon Jovi album rankings posts have a lot of views partially because of me! I was trying to figure out which Bon Jovi and which Whitesnake albums I wanted. I’ll still refer to those posts in the future because I’m not done collecting for those bands (at least for Whitesnake).

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  2. Congratulations John! Your stats are really impressive, and beat mine by a long shot. But that’s what I get for writing about a lot of unknown artists & bands. My reviews of Two Feet all got well over a thousand views, however, some posts I’ve written about major artists have not gotten many, so there’s no rhyme or reason sometimes.

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  3. Interesting stuff. I didn’t post any of my stats on my site but Aphoristical and I were comparing notes on his. At 1163 followers I’m just a little bit ahead of you with about 6 years under my belt. Funny but I used to post about every 3 days now it’s a little over once a week. I still have a lot to say but for me, I eventually realized less is more.

    As to number of views, it’s never really been clear to me that that’s a statistic I’d want to track. For me, getting into this game was more about talking to other people about music. So the one stat I track is comments/post. It’s down a little bit ‘coz I lost some heavy hitters. But I’m pretty stable at 21/22 comments per post. (Of course, some of those are my replies.)

    Just curious – how do you find out what the most popular posts are in a given year?

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    1. My comments were a record high as well with over 10,000 comments and probably a lot are my replies as well. The WordPress dashboard has all the stats. Pretty much anything you want to see. I didn’t start it to get views, but I like to know someone is reading.


          1. Maybe, but I don’t think so. I just post every day. It’s WP that keeps track. Also, don’t forget that my song posts generally take about two minutes to throw together. I am not doing in-depth anything. Whereas you, you’re doing song by song analysis and ratings and whole paragraphs of awesome. Any sort of streak built on work like that is the more impressive!

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