Alice Cooper – ‘Welcome to My Nightmare’ Tour (1975) – Tour Program

In my crate digging, I keep running in to Tour Books and of course, I keep buying them because I think they are cool time capsules of a band. This time around, I found 2 Alice Cooper Tour Books. And these are vintage as they were both from the 70’s and they look it. The first one we have here is from Alice’s biggest and best album, ‘Welcome to My Nightmare’, from 1975. The Tour began on March 21, 1975, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, making its way across the States and even in to Europe where it ended on September 17 in Antwerp, Belgium.

The Band had a cast of characters and included the following host of people:

  • Alice Cooper
  • Steve Hunter – Guitar
  • Dick Wagner – Guitar
  • Prakash John – Bass
  • Jozef Chirowski – Keyboards
  • Whitey Glan – Drums
  • Vincent Price – Spider Voice
  • Sheryl Goddard – Ethyl
  • Robyn Blythe – Bat Woman
  • Gene Montoya – Voodoo Man
  • Uchi Sugiyama – Frog Man

Yes, it is a cast as Alice doesn’t just put on a concert, nope! He puts on a show. A creep show and this one is all about his nightmares. But the concert is always important and the set list, on average, looked something like this…

  1. Welcome to My Nightmare
  2. Years Ago
  3. No More Mr. Nice Guy
  4. Years Ago
  5. Billion Dollar Babies
  6. Years Ago
  7. I’m Eighteen
  8. Years Ago
  9. Some Folks
  10. Cold Ethyl
  11. Only Women Bleed
  12. Devil’s Food
  13. The Black Widow
  14. Steven
  15. Escape
  16. School’s Out
  17. Encore: Department of Youth

Now, the main reason you are here is to go through the tour book like we always do, page by page. And this will be no different. Let’s get started.

Like a lot of books, you get a little essay and this one covers two pages…

And you get lots and lots of pictures of Alice…of course, it is his band…

Now, the band members get a big write-up and I don’t think I’ve seen the band members get so much said about them which is cool. No individual pictures though…which is sad…not really.

And now to the page everyone wants, the centerfold…

And then lots of show pictures…

And how does that hat not fall with Alice not holding it?? I am so confused!!

And still more Alice…

And then the credits and album promotion…

And then we end it all with the back cover of just Alice…who else would it be.

The only thing you are missing is the smell of an old, musty book. It adds a whole new level to the book. Now, there is still one more cool thing I found in the book. There was a newspaper clipping from the Detroit New Press from April 13, 1975 which talks about their hometown hero, Alice Cooper. Pretty cool. I don’t know if that means this is from the Detroit Tour Stop on April 8, 1975, but might mean just that so cool to have a possible idea of which show the book is from.

And below are all the Tour Books we have reviewed over the years and the Guilty Tour will come next week.

Alice Cooper:

  • Welcome To My Nightmare Tour (1975)
  • Guilty Tour (1977)

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Bon Jovi:


31 thoughts on “Alice Cooper – ‘Welcome to My Nightmare’ Tour (1975) – Tour Program

  1. Thanks for sharing John…that is a time machine concert no doubt. I met a person (father of a friend) before who saw Alice on that tour and he said it was the best show or rock show he has ever seen.

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  2. I have a few tour books. I recall having Pink Floyd one and Prince stacked away somewhere. Got those from the concerts. Don’t think I’ve seen tour programs in the wild.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had never noticed them until I started collecting Kiss tour books which was all I was going to collect. Then I saw Bon Jovi, then Rush and then Alice and who knows what I will end up buying.


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