Friday New Releases – June 29th

We are at the end of another month and what a way to end it.  There are so many releases this week I hope there is something you can find and enjoy.  My vacation will be ending this week and then back to work next, so I am going to try and do nothing for a couple days except listen to music.  My choices are in Blue.  Let me know what you are feeling and if I missed anything.  Have a great weekend!!

  • 51tBEraJ-2L._SS500  The Wild Feathers – Greetings from the Neon Frontier – (Reprise Records):  This is where I will spend most of my time.  I really think these guys are great.  They are a mixture of Rock, Folk, Country and blend it all together so nicely.  It is always a listening pleasure and so much to take in.  Give them a try and as this is their third studio release, go back and get the other two.

  • A1-BihGWkML._SX522_  Guns N Roses – Appetite for Destruction Super Deluxe Edition – (Geffen Records):  What can I say about this one.  One of the greatest debut albums by any band and now we get the ultimate deluxe edition.  I can’t afford the big daddy release as I just bought the Def Leppard Vinyl collection (Volume One) so I will end up settling for one of the lesser expensive releases.  Either way, it is nice to have for the collection.

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As Lions – Selfish Age – Album Review

As Lions’ debut is the incredible ‘Selfish Age’.  There is a lot of buzz around this band and not only because Bruce Dickinson’s son, Austin Dickinson, is the lead singer, but also because these kids are super talented and understand how hard rock should sound.  The new face of rock is upon and us and I am given hope that we are in good hands.

First off, It is pretty brave for the kid of a famous singer or musician to go the same route as their famous parent, but there is no comparison needed. They are two very different singers and two very different bands.  The only other thing to say about the subject is that Bruce must be one proud father because this kid and this band are incredible.

The Band:

  • Austin Dickinson – Vocals
  • Conor O’Keefe – Guitar
  • Will Homer- Guitar
  • Stefan Whiting – Bass
  • Dave Fee- Drums

The opening track, “Aftermath”, immediately sets the tone for the rest of the album.  From this song, you hear great production, great song structure, a melodic sound and intelligent lyrics.  You will get this from every song on the album; however, every song is different.

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