Ratt – ‘Detonator’ – Album Review

The year is 1990 and we are getting to the end of the Hair Metal era, but at the time, no one knew that end was coming.  Ratt released their fifth album in August of 1990 and it brings us to the end the long running stream of Platinum albums.  It is also the last Ratt album with the line-up that has been on all 5 of their albums.

  • Stephen Pearcy – vocals
  • Robbin Crosby – lead guitar
  • Warren DeMartini – lead guitar
  • Juan Croucier – bass guitar
  • Bobby Blotzer – drums

After the disappointing reception for ‘Reach for the Sky’ (although it did go Platinum), the band needed to make a change.  That change was not to use Beau Hill as producer on the next album as he had produced all previous albums to much success.  The band (or label) brought in powerhouse songwriter Desmond Child.  You know Desmond…he had great success writing with Kiss, Aerosmith and a few Bon Jovi classics.

And did he ever get involved in the songwriting as he has writing credits on 10 of the 11 tracks on the album.  Not only did Desmond assist with songwriting, he was also the executive producer along with Sir Arthur Payson.  While Ratt did maintain the classic Ratt sound which was a little bluesy and little sleazy, the songs were much more polished and contained more hooks than a fisherman’s tackle box.  It definitely leaned to a more Glam rock image than prior albums.


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My Sunday Song – “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion

For My Sunday Song #23, my wife has chosen the Celine Dion song “Because You Loved Me”.  I will let her tell you why…enjoy:

This song was written by Diane Warren and produced by David Foster for the movie “Up Close & Personal” starring Robert Redford and Michelle Pfeiffer. Michelle Pfeiffer’s character is thanking Robert Redford’s character for believing in her. Warren could not have picked a more soulful artist to sing this song. Dion has this way of taking you to another place when you are listening to her and it’s like there is no one else around.

I’m pretty sure we all have that certain someone who has supported us even when we didn’t even believe in ourselves, someone who really looked out for us despite our know it all attitude, someone who saw a side of us no one else ever saw and someone who was always there no matter what. For the first part of my life, that person was my dad and still is to a certain degree but for the past 16 years or so this person is definitely my husband. For those who say they have never had anyone like this, remember that God loves you. He does all these things…and more!

This song was on Dion’s “Falling Into You” album released in 1996. It won a Grammy Award for Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media.

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