Friday New Releases – April 29th

It is Friday again and not a moment too soon.  Today’s new releases are just what this metal head has been waiting for and I have a feeling these will be on heavy rotation over the next week.

Sixx A.M. – Prayers for the Damned (Eleven Seven Music)

When Nikki Sixx put together Sixx A.M. for the Heroin Diaries, I thought it was going to be a one-off project.  Gladly that was not the case.  This album is their fourth one and since all three previous albums have been exceptional, I am hoping that streak continues.

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Thriving Ivory / Midnight Cinema – Artist Profile

I guess you are getting a two-for-one artist profile.  As I am doing a profile on Thriving Ivory & Midnight Cinema.  No, they are not the same band even though they have most of the same bandmates.  The difference is explained below.  They are both great Pop/Rock bands and that voice of Clayton Stroupe is amazing.

Thriving Ivory

Thriving Ivory was based out of California and consisted of  Clayton Stroope, Drew Cribley, and Paul Niedermier.  Clayton’s voice is very unique. I believe it is one of those you either love it, or hate it.  Me, I love it. It gives them their own unique sound and different is always good.

The band’s first album, Thriving Ivory, came out in 2008 and contained their biggest hit “Angels on the Moon”.  I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it.  iTunes was offering the video for free one week and that was how I came across the song.  The song went on to go Gold selling over 500,000 singles.

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Drinking Booze – Playlist

I will be honest, I am not a big drinker.  Doesn’t mean I won’t drink.  I choose not too most of the time as I never got a taste for it; however, Mondays make me want to drink.  Since I do love alcohol related songs, I figured this Monday needs a playlist of booze drinking songs.  There are so many which makes it hard to choose the best ones.

Here is my list of booze related songs that will hopefully help me make it through Monday.

Emphatic – “Put Down the Drink” from the album Damage

Hellyeah – “Alcohaulin’ Ass” from the album Hellyeah

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The Defiants – The Defiants – Album Review – 82%

Paul Laine, Rob Marcello and Bruno Ravel all make up the new band The Defiants.  If those names sound familiar to you than you are obviously a fan of Danger Danger as all three were once a part of that great band.

Frontiers Music SRI brought these 3 back together again to bring us a rock masterpiece.  Okay, I am being a little overly dramatic.  But it is really, really great! If you were a fan of  Danger Danger or just a fan of Paul Laine’s vocals, be prepared for some of his best vocal performances.  The band has such a cohesive sound and this is the album that Danger Danger should have made years ago.

As much as I enjoyed Ted Poley as the lead singer of Danger Danger, when he left and Paul Laine took over vocals, the band’s dynamic changed and I feel for the better.  Years later when Ted Poley reunited with Danger Danger and Paul was no longer a member, I yearned for more music from his version of the band.  Now I have it.

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Friday New Releases – April 22nd

Friday is my favorite day of the week for many reasons.  One – it is the last day of the work week, obviously.  Two, it is the day new releases come out and I always get excited to get new music.

This week there are 4 releases that I am excited about:

61NI6pypL1L._AA160_  Jordan Feliz – The River

I haven’t been this excited about a release in a long time.  From what I have heard so far, he is nothing short of amazing.  I have high hopes and don’t think I will be disappointed.  I have posted this one before, but worth another listen.


phil wickham  Phil Wickham – Children of God

He is one of the shining spots in Christian Music.  His albums are consistently good and he always has a few gems on each of his releases.  Based of the song below, I am sure there will be more gems on this release as well.


candlebox  Candlebox – Disappearing in Airports

I have enjoyed them for years and glad to have some new music.  Like this song on the video below for “Vexatious”.  Looking forward to the album.


texashippiedarksidecd  Texas Hippie Coalition – Dark Side of Black

I don’t know what it is about these guys, maybe it is just the straight-up, in your face, rock & roll, but I can’t get enough of them.

What new releases are you excited about today?


#TBT – Def Leppard – Slang

For my first Throwback Thursday, I thought I would go with the most underrated album from my favorite band – Def Leppard’s “Slang”.  The album came out in 1996 and the band knew that their signature sound was no longer popular on the radio. They completely took a left turn and changed up their sound.

“Slang” was such a departure that I was stunned when I first heard the album. After the first listen, I wasn’t sure what I had heard.  I listened to it again and again. After several listens, I started to get it and I started to really like it.  “Work It Out” and the album title song “Slang” were the first songs that were standouts for me.

There were several slower songs that were not the typical Def Leppard ballads – “Breathe A Sigh”, “Where Does Love Go When It Dies” and “Blood Runs Cold”.  They were a little darker and very powerful.

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The Wild Feathers – Lonely Is A Lifetime – Album Review – 91%

Are you ready for a retro ride back to the 70’s with a wonderful classic rock sound and a modern twist? Then put on your bell bottom jeans and your headphones. You better have a joint in one hand and a needle in the other. The needle is of course a turntable needle. Drop it on the vinyl and sit back and enjoy the journey that is the Wild Feathers.

Their first album, the self-titled The Wild Feathers, had a retro classic rock sound but much heavier than this one. The new album is still a classic rock sound but toned down to a softer edge like they have a wonderful buzz going.

The band consists of Joel King on bass/vocals, Ricky Young on guitar/vocals, Taylor Burns on guitar/vocals and Ben Dumas on drums. They were formed back in 2010 in Nashville, TN. They are signed to Warner Brothers Records.  With two great albums, I hope they are around for a long time.

A lot of albums have the first half with the strongest songs, but this album is strong the whole way through. I get a nice buzz from just listening to it. Nothing else needed.

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The Struts – “Everybody Wants” – Album Review – 100%

In Mid-February, I was listening to a Shinedown radio station on Apple Music and I came across a song that immediately stopped me in my tracks. I picked up my phone and saw it was a band called The Struts and the song was “Dirty Sexy Money”. The Struts???? Who the heck are these guys? What a cool name for a band!!

I searched them and saw the album was coming out on March 4th. That day could not get here fast enough. Apple Music did have the Have You Heard EP that tied me over until the album came out, but you can’t get that E.P. now but you don’t need to as all the songs are on the album. I have not stopped playing this album since I got it that Friday.

The Struts, an English rock band, have this great retro rock vibe. The lead singer was definitely influenced by classic rock and he is even a little Glam in his appearance. The band is a four piece and is lead singer Luke Spiller, guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott and the drummer is Gethin Davies. They have been together since 2010 and just signed with a U.S. company last year.

It is probably the most exciting rock band to come out in a long time. The album originally came out in 2014 in the UK, but is just getting released here in the U.S. by Interscope Records. This album is already the best album released so far in 2016. And even though we are only in April, this album WILL end up being one of the best out in 2016.

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