Kiss – 40th Anniversary World Tour (2014) – Tour Book

In 2014, Kiss toured their 40th Anniversary World Tour and the opening act was none other than Def Leppard. Yeah!  That is right.  The 2 bands I have seen in concert the most were playing together in the same show.  Wow!!  My family and I had just moved to Charlotte, NC that year and my brother, my sister and her husband drove up to Charlotte to see them with me.  That meant a lot that would come up and see us and go see a show. I would’ve driven down to Atlanta to see that show, but it was a weekday which meant work. My sow on July 19th, 2014 in Charlotte was a Saturday!!

If I am being honest about the show, Def Leppard was absolutely amazing.  Probably the best show I have seen them do.  They actually blew the doors off Kiss. Kiss has become a well organized, choreographed Las Vegas show and it felt forced.  It did not have the excitement as did Def Leppard’s. There was an electricity type energy in the crowd for Leppard that was not there for Kiss. Don’t get me wrong, Kiss was still great and it was still an awesome time. I am also so glad my family came up to see it with me.  I can’t find a stub, but I have a shirt and some pictures!! My pictures are pretty bad as my camera was an old iPhone that took shitty pictures.

Now on to the Tour Book.  As we normally do, I will show you every page of the book in the order of the book so you can see what you missed from 2014.  I thought this was going to be the last Kiss show I saw as I wasn’t overly impressed, but when the End of the Road Tour was announced, I did see that show in 2019 (that book will be coming soon).

This tour book his more a history book since it is the 40th Anniversary Tour. They go through the years with make-up with some historical shots and chronologically between all the years up to today. There are some great moments captured here and each page has so much going on. On some of the pages, they have dates listing out chronologically some important dates in Kisstory. It is all done very well and the quality of this book is sensational Let’s get started.









The Centerfold….


The Band Member Photos – Paul & Gene:

The Spider:

The Band Member Photos – Eric & Tommy:


Spider #2:

The Credits & Album Covers:

Back Cover:

And there you have it. The 6th Book so far in the Kiss Tour Book Series. I have one more in my collection to do and then I need to start buying more. I seem to get them in groups so hopefully another batch down the road.

If you want to check the others out in the series we have done so far, click on the links below. We still have a couple more to do and hopefully I will get more of these in the future to expand this collection even more. Thanks for stopping by.

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27 thoughts on “Kiss – 40th Anniversary World Tour (2014) – Tour Book

  1. Oh this the show that you told me about where Def Leppard blew Kiss off the stage? I’ve always wondered also, did the guys of Kiss start wearing wigs in the later years, especially Eric because I don’t think his hair black like Peter right?

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  2. You got your dough’s worth on this book John. Wow, plus the fact that you saw both Leppard and KISS under one roof is another score.
    Great night of rock. Thanks for sharing dude…

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