My Sunday Song – “Don’t Break My Heart Again” by Whitesnake

For My Sunday Song #206, we are discussing “Don’t Break My Heart Again” by Whitesnake off their 1981 album ‘Come And Get It’.  The first single off the album and it reached #17 on the UK Charts. The album did really well in the UK hitting #2 and was their highest charting album at that time.  Sadly, still absent from the states for the most part due to contractual issues.

The song is very personal and emotional song from David Coverdale.  It is about the ending of David’s first marriage (and I think “Fool For Your Loving” is as well too). David delivers some emotional and heavy lyrics.  There is a darker overtone with the subject matter and David sounds a little heartbroken.  It is a different side of him and Whitesnake as normally they throw the “cock rock” in your fact as they do in numerous other songs on the album.

It opens with the amazing Jon Lord on his Hammond Organ.  Neil Murray’s throbbing bass is mixed in and accompanied by Ian Paice with a hard driving drum beat.  The song has that great drum beat throughout and then the guitars are added with a cool riff.  Bernie Marsden delivers the solo that fits perfectly for the vibe of the song.  It is also one of David’s finest vocal performances on this album as he puts enough emotion into his vocals to get the message across loud and clear.  It is such a stellar track.

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Whitesnake – ‘Come An’ Get It’ – Album Review (The David Coverdale Series)

We are now in 1981 and the band is on their 4th album.  Whitesnake has started to gain some traction with the album’s ‘Ready an’ Willing’ along with the live album ‘Live…in the Heart of the City’.  When ‘Come an’ Get It’ arrives, it goes to #2 on the chart and barely misses #1 thanks to Adam and the Ants’ ‘King of the Wild Frontier’.  Yes, an Ant kicked a Snake’s ass!!!

The band’s line-up is unchanged, the producer, Martin Birch, is unchanged and they follow the successful formula of ‘Ready an’ Willing on this album to rather great success (on the charts).

  • David Coverdale – vocals
  • Micky Moody – Guitar
  • Bernie Marsden – Guitar
  • Neil Murray – Bass
  • Jon Lord – Keyboards
  • Ian Paice – Drums

I know this is a favorite Snake album for a lot of people and even a favorite of David Coverdale’s; however, it isn’t one of my top albums.  I have spent the longest with this album in hopes that it would grow on me and it has to some extent, but not overall.  This was a hard beast for me to get through, well Side Two was.  Side One kicks some major ass.


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